Sa­ma­ri­tans help Knys­na go green

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Knys­na has be­co­me a bit green­er in re­cent weeks af­ter a num­ber of good Sa­ma­ri­tans plan­ted in­di­ge­nous trees in the P­led­ge Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve to pro­vi­de re­lief af­ter the fi­res.

T­his plan­ting, which took pla­ce on Sa­tur­day 23 Sep­tem­ber, was part of Go Green Knys­na, a pro­ject that was in­spi­red by Ca­pe Town re­si­dent C­ha­nel du Plooy who wan­ted to help re­sto­re the da­ma­ge cau­sed to the fau­na and flo­ra in Knys­na. It has sin­ce been sup­por­ted by A­fri­Fo­rum’s en­vi­ron­men­tal u­nit and va­ri­ous ot­hers who wan­ted to help. They ha­ve been plan­ting trees and sh­rubs to not on­ly re­sto­re the a­rea – re­no­w­ned for its na­tu­ral beau­ty – to its for­mer glo­ry, but al­so to as­sist in pre­ven­ting wa­ter e­ro­si­on.

On Sa­tur­day, the group plan­ted se­ver­al in­di­ge­nous trees in­clu­ding Ca­pe ash, wa­ter­bes­sie and Ou­te­ni­qua y­el­low­woods in the re­ser­ve.

“Due to the wa­ter re­stricti­ons we de­ci­ded to start with 10 trees. We de­ci­ded on in­di­ge­nous trees be­cau­se they grow fas­ter and the­re­fo­re would ma­ke a big­ger im­pact in the short term. We are, ho­we­ver, plan­ning to plant mo­re trees the­re be­fo­re the end of the month,” said A­fri­Fo­rum’s en­vi­ron­men­tal coor­di­na­tor Chris Bos­hoff. He ad­ded that they al­so do­na­ted a 2 500-lit­re wa­ter tank to the re­ser­ve as its in­fra­struc­tu­re was al­so de­stroy­ed by the fi­res.

“The re­ser­ve was cho­sen as a star­ting point to help the Knys­na e­cosy­stem back on its feet,” said A­fri­fo­rum’s Sout­hern Ca­pe dis­trict coor­di­na­tor Jo­hand­re van Zyl. “We of­ten vi­sit Knys­na and be­ca­me very up­set af­ter le­ar­ning a­bout the ma­ny re­si­dents who lost e­ver­y­thing in the fi­res as well as the ma­ny a­ni­mals who had no­thing to eat af­ter the di­sas­ter. That is w­hat in­spi­red me to start the pro­ject,” Du Plooy said. A­fri­Fo­rum al­so held a fun­dra­si­sing com­pe­ti­ti­on a­mong schools in the a­rea. A new tree was na­med af­ter e­ach of the three win­ning schools Ou­te­ni­qua P­ri­ma­ry, Meer­en­dal P­re­pri­ma­ry and E­du­play.

“We want to thank all the ro­le play­ers who hel­ped us ma­ke t­his pro­ject a re­a­li­ty. The­se in­clu­de Flo­ra RSA Nur­se­ry, E­ver­y­bo­dy Lo­ve E­ver­y­bo­dy, Nor­ga­ri­vier Nur­se­ry, Gar­den­wor­ld Kru­gers­dorp and the Ca­pe Gar­den Cen­t­re,” she ad­ded.

Du Plooy said a­nyo­ne who want to as­sist can do so by plan­ting trees and sh­rubs. “Tho­se in­te­rested to lend a hel­ping hand can fol­low our Fa­ce­book pa­ge to see w­hen and w­he­re we will be plan­ting trees and sh­rubs.”

Cash do­na­ti­ons can al­so be ma­de. –

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The Go Green Knys­na te­am plan­ted 10 trees in the P­led­ge Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve in Knys­na on 23 Sep­tem­ber to help re­sto­re the en­vi­ron­ment de­stroy­ed du­ring the fi­res.

Sa­be­lo N­kuy­edwa and Mor­ne Lo­ch­ner of the Go Green Knys­na pro­ject we­re a­mong tho­se who plan­ted the new trees.

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