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Sa­tur­day 7 Oc­to­ber will pro­vi­de a tre­at to all tho­se Knys­na ci­ti­zens who lo­ve beau­ty and form, ca­re a­bout tra­di­ti­on, and who lo­ve var­nis­hed wood, and bo­ats – bo­ats of e­very des­crip­ti­on that will be on show at the An­ti­que & Clas­sic Bo­at Show to be held in T­he­sen Har­bour Town.

The brai­n­child of Ca­me­ron Se­ar­le and Jock M­cCo­na­hy of Tim­ber Vil­la­ge, the e­vent star­ted four y­e­ars ago as a wooden bo­at show, but pu­blic in­te­rest has led to the in­clu­si­on of clas­sic bo­ats of any and all des­crip­ti­on. M­cCon­na­chie’s col­lecti­on of wooden bo­ats was de­stroy­ed in the fi­res, but Se­ar­le’s stun­ningly beau­ti­ful wooden bo­at will be seen on the wa­ter be­si­de the jet­ty.

For the first ti­me the Knys­na Sea Ca­dets’ three-in-one w­ha­ler, re­ti­red from the SA Na­vy, will be on show – one of on­ly two re­mai­ning in ex­is­ten­ce in South A­fri­ca. Re­no­va­ted with sup­port from Jim Par­kes, she re­joi­ces in the na­me of Mar­ga­ret Par­kes and is u­sed on the wa­ter on spe­ci­al oc­ca­si­ons.

So­mething spe­ci­al will ta­ke pla­ce a­round noon w­hen the for­mer na­vy cut­ter Iain Fra­ser will le­a­ve the dock­si­de for a dis­play of ro­wing, with her long spru­ce vars. The sea ca­dets crew will toss the vars in sa­lu­te, a spe­ci­al tre­at seen at the yacht club at o­pe­ning and clo­sing crui­ses. She has wit­els and stink­wood gun­wa­le, and y­el­low­wood thwarts cour­te­sy of Jim Par­kes, w­ho­se un­cle the bo­at is na­med af­ter.

Staying with S­cots tra­di­ti­on, the Knys­na & Dis­tricts Pi­pe Band will play for the pu­blic, as one of South A­fri­ca’s top pi­pe bands. The­re is no char­ge to vi­sit the show, be­t­ween 10:00 and 16:00, on Sa­tur­day. – S­te­ve E­rik­sen

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T­his beau­ti­ful wooden bo­at will be seen on the wa­ter be­si­de the jet­ty at T­he­sen Har­bour Town du­ring the bo­at show t­his wee­kend.

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