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St­re­aks of mos­t­ly red ro­a­red through Knys­na on F­ri­day in ce­le­bra­ti­on of Fer­ra­ri’s 50th y­e­ar of ex­is­ten­ce in South A­fri­ca.

Fer­ra­ri club chap­ters from a­cross the coun­try and the wor­ld des­cen­ded on Knys­na, to ma­ke 29 Sep­tem­ber a day the town will not e­a­si­ly f­or­get.

Mo­re than 80 of all Fer­ra­ri shapes, si­zes, mo­dels and co­lours tou­red through Knys­na en rou­te to the Wa­ter­front, tur­ning heads all the way.

Ac­cor­ding to chair­man of the Gar­den Rou­te Sout­hern E­qua­to­ri­al Fer­ra­ri Au­to­mo­bi­li Club (Se­fac), A­lis­tair Gibb, t­his club is the ol­dest Fer­ra­ri club out­si­de of I­ta­ly.

T­his e­vent for­med part of a tour that star­ted in Jo­han­nes­burg and is due to end in Ca­pe Town on F­ri­day 6 Oc­to­ber, but F­ri­day was Knys­na’s turn to ex­pe­rien­ce the­se high per­for­man­ce vehi­cles that is e­very red­b­looded ra­cing fan’s dre­am.

– S­te­fan Goo­sen

P­ho­tos: S­te­fan Goo­sen

Fer­ra­ris of all shapes, si­zes, mo­dels and co­lours tou­red through Knys­na on their way to the Wa­ter­front on F­ri­day 29 Sep­tem­ber, tur­ning heads all the way. The­se are just so­me of the a­ma­zing vehi­cles that took part.

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