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A­voPom­me Oc­to­ber art exhi­bi­ti­on, tit­led Black to Green: Ex­pres­si­ons in C­har­co­al (mixed me­dia on pa­per) by ar­tist He­le­na (Nan­na) Jou­bert, o­pens T­hurs­day 5 Oc­to­ber at 18:00. Ve­nue: A­voPom­me C­re­a­ti­ve Hub, Wood­mill La­ne. Beer, wi­ne and snacks will be ser­ved.

An exhi­bi­ti­on of pain­tings will ta­ke pla­ce at the Art CX Gal­le­ry for its first y­e­ar ce­le­bra­ti­on, Log-Inn Ho­tel in Gray S­treet on 12 Oc­to­ber at 17:00. Grab t­his op­por­tu­ni­ty to see and pur­cha­se o­ri­gi­nal art­works by Da­ve Cro­ad, Ra­mo­na But­ler and Sal­ly Bek­ker. Join us for a drink and so­me snacks.

Gar­de­ning @ Lei­su­re

On F­ri­day 6 Oc­to­ber we will be vi­si­ting three gar­dens, all within half-a-ki­lo­me­t­re on Lei­su­re I­sle. Ti­me: 10:00. Ve­nue: 26 S­teen­bok C­res­cent, Lei­su­re I­sle. Par­king is very li­mi­ted, ple­a­se either park in Ken­sing­ton Gar­dens or on the front ne­ar Bol­lard Bay. Ple­a­se we­ar com­for­ta­ble shoes. Tea will be ser­ved. Re­mem­ber to bring a mug for your tea and mo­ney for the raf­fle. Mem­bers and their gue­sts are wel­co­me with a small char­ge of R20 for gue­sts.

Book sa­le in aid of a­ni­mals

The an­nu­al Knys­na A­ni­mal Wel­fa­re So­cie­ty’s book sa­le will ta­ke pla­ce on Sa­tur­day 7 Oc­to­ber in Knys­na Mall out­si­de Wool­wort­hs. Al­ways a po­pu­lar e­vent, he­re you will find a hu­ge se­lecti­on of tit­les, both ficti­on and non­ficti­on, from our cha­ri­ty shop and ma­ny which ha­ve been se­lected es­pe­ci­al­ly for t­his sa­le. Ma­ke su­re you get the­re be­t­ween 09:00 and 13:00 to stock up on your sum­mer re­a­ding ma­te­ri­al. Mo­re in­fo: Ca­thie 083 291 7967.

Dan Pat­lans­ky in P­lett

Dan Pat­lans­ky is back in South A­fri­ca af­ter a success­ful tour to the UK, Ger­ma­ny and the Net­her­lands e­ar­lier t­his y­e­ar. He will be per­for­ming at The Bar­ny­ard in P­let­ten­berg Bay on Sa­tur­day 7 Oc­to­ber at 20:00. Be su­re to join Dan for an in­ti­ma­te per­for­man­ce and the pos­si­bi­li­ty of he­a­ring a sur­pri­se a­cou­stic song from his fort­hco­ming al­bum, set to be re­le­a­sed next y­e­ar. En­tran­ce: R150. Book­ings: http://bit. ly/2wE­wRQG

Mas­sed C­hoirs

Fun­drai­sing con­certs for Hos­pi­ce P­lett, Knys­na and Sed­ge­field on 14 and 15 Oc­to­ber, w­he­re re­no­w­ned Ri­chard Cock will con­duct mas­sed c­hoirs and in­stru­men­tal en­sem­ble. Tic­kets R220. On Sa­tur­day 14 Oc­to­ber in the Dutch Re­for­med church hall in Fi­chat S­treet, Knys­na, at 16:00, doors o­pen 15:30. Tic­kets at Ger­man Shop, Wa­ter­front Dri­ve, 044 382 0892 / Lyn­ne 083 252 8994. On Sun­day 15 Oc­to­ber a­not­her con­cert, t­his ti­me in P­let­ten­berg Bay, in the Dutch Re­for­med church hall, 15 Ma­ri­ne Dri­ve, al­so at 16:00, doors o­pen 15:30. Tic­kets at La­dy Co­nyngham 044 533 5178 / a­co­nyngham@tel­kom­sa.net / Bar­ney ta Mar­ket S­qua­re 044 533 3219.


La­kes Bi­rd Club ou­tings e­very first Sa­tur­day of the month, al­so ot­her ou­tings and talks. In­fo: Pat 044 382 0638 / S­te­ve 082 785 6152 / la­kes.bi­rd. club@gmail.com.

Lei­su­re­ly strolls

The Mo­tor­cy­cle Room mu­seum, T­he­sen I­sle, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 082 414 5167 or www. the­mo­tor­cy­cle­room.co.za

San Am­bro­sio Church mu­seum in the Gou­na Fo­rest, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 044 382 9762 or in­fo@vi­sit­knys­na.co.za

Fo­rest Le­gend Mu­seum & Café, Diep­wal­le, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 044 382 9762

Mil­l­wood Hou­se mu­seum, Knys­na (MonSat). In­fo: 044 302 6320

Ho­ly T­ri­ni­ty church, Bel­vi­de­re, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 044 382 1293 Ti­me in na­tu­re

S­teen­bok Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve, Lei­su­re I­sle, Knys­na (all y­e­ar). Dog friend­ly. In­fo: Knys­na Tou­rism 044 382 5510

Ro­ta­ri­ans get to­get­her

The Ro­ta­ry Club of Knys­na meets at the Knys­na Yacht Club e­very Tu­es­day from 12:30 on­wards for the lunch meet­ing from 13:00 to 14:00. All vi­si­ting Ro­ta­ri­ans are wel­co­me as well as po­ten­ti­al new mem­bers.


The Knys­na Em­broi­de­ry Guild meets e­very first Wed­nes­day of the month at 09:30 at the Knys­na Bo­w­ling Club in Raw­son S­treet. Vi­si­tors wel­co­me, R20. In­fo: Ber­ry 082 216 9666 or da­vid­pren­ti­ce25@y­a­hoo.co.uk.

Net­work in Knys­na

Knys­na Net­wor­king meet and share bu­si­ness i­de­as and sup­port our mem­bers e­very se­cond Wed­nes­day. For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on con­tact Gu­drun on 072 699 4174.

Park it at the mar­ket

Sed­ge­field: Wild Oats Com­mu­ni­ty far­mers’ mar­ket e­very Sa­tur­day mor­ning (an a­ward-win­ning mar­ket with o­ver 60 stalls of the fi­nest lo­cal farm pro­du­ce, ho­me ba­kes, plants and flo­wers, out­door bre­ak­fast and li­ve mu­sic), S­ca­rab Craft Vil­la­ge and Mo­saic Mar­ket, all in c­lo­se prox­i­mi­ty al­ong the N2.

P­let­ten­berg Bay: Har­ker­vil­le Mar­ket e­very Sa­tur­day mor­ning of­fers food, art and craft and mo­re, on the N2 mid­way be­t­ween Knys­na and P­let­ten­berg Bay.

It’s a Sun­day thing

Li­ven up your Sun­day by ta­king a lei­su­re­ly dri­ve to a po­pu­lar P­lett land­mark, The He­ath, and sup­port lo­cals who exhi­bit their han­d­craf­ted pro­ducts and ot­her goods, amid a fes­ti­ve at­mos­p­he­re and li­ve en­ter­tai­n­ment – 09:00 to 15:00. You’ll still ha­ve ti­me for your af­ter­noon nap!

Run free

Knys­na par­k­run, free, ti­med 5km run e­very Sa­tur­day at 08:00, star­ting at gras­sed a­rea next to the scout hall in Ge­or­ge Rex Dri­ve. The aim is to pro­mo­te he­alth and fit­ness. To re­gis­ter go to www.par­k­run.co.za. For as­sis­tan­ce, call in at John Win­field Op­to­me­trist’s of­fi­ce 28 Wa­ter­front Dri­ve (be­low Glow beau­ty sa­lon).

* For a com­pre­hen­si­ve lis­ting of w­hat to en­joy in the G­re­a­ter Knys­na a­rea, from sport and en­ter­tai­n­ment, na­tu­re walks and cy­cling, pla­ces to stay and di­ning, to arts and cul­tu­re, go to the Knys­na Tou­rism web­si­te on www. vi­sit­knys­na.co.za/t­hings-to-do.

* Send de­tailed no­ti­ces of your e­vents, from meet­ings and fun­drai­sers to re­gu­lar get­to­get­hers, to ri­a­nas@grou­pe­di­tors.co.za. T­his must re­ach us by 15:00 on a Mon­day.

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