‘Class of 2017, now is the ti­me to fi­nish well’

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It was with much sad­ness but al­so much joy and ex­ci­te­ment that Oak­hill bid fa­re­well to a g­re­at group of young men and wo­men. Their s­chool y­e­ars ha­ve co­me to frui­ti­on and the won­ders and op­por­tu­ni­ties of the wor­ld soon a­wait them.

Oak­hill wis­hes all the 2017 ma­tric le­ar­ners well for the last stretch of stu­dying and all the be­st for their fi­nal ex­ams.

Born in 1999, t­his ye­ar’s group of ma­tri­cs is the last ge­ne­ra­ti­on born in the 20th cen­tu­ry! Ma­ny of them star­ted their joy of le­ar­ning at Oak­hill’s pres­chool, Litt­le Oaks, w­hi­le three stu­dents – Ma­re­lie Vil­joen, Cal­lum Ni­coll and Mat­thew Wil­li­ams – ha­ve en­joy­ed their full s­chool careers of 15 y­e­ars at Oak­hill star­ting at the age of three in Gra­de 000.

Oak­hill ma­tri­cs will be w­ri­ting the In­de­pen­dent Ex­a­mi­na­ti­on Bo­ard (IEB) NSC ex­ams.

IEB NSC is a Proud­ly South A­fri­can qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on that is e­qui­va­lent to the UK AS le­vel. In ad­di­ti­on, its Ad­van­ced Pro­gram­me Mat­he­ma­ti­cs and Ad­van­ced Pro­gram­me En­g­lish are e­qui­va­lent to the UK A le­vels. Oak­hill S­chool and the IEB has al­so had past le­ar­ners being accep­ted in­to the most e­li­te u­ni­ver­si­ties in the wor­ld. The IEB NSC and their Ad­van­ced Pro­gram­me sub­jects pre­pa­re le­ar­ners for South A­fri­ca, and the wor­ld at lar­ge.

He­ad of s­chool Jan­nie de Vil­liers com­ments en­coura­gingly, “The­re is no doubt in my mind that our Class of 2017 will do them­sel­ves and Oak­hill proud. You ha­ve en­joy­ed a g­re­at fi­nal ye­ar and now is the ti­me to fi­nish well!”

To t­his, Oak­hill Col­le­ge a­ca­de­mic di­rec­tor Andrew Bro­w­ne adds, “Ha­ve no re­grets, work hard and fi­nish well.” –

Ed no­te: All schools are in­vi­ted to send a pho­to­graph of their ma­tri­cs 2017 to the Knys­na-P­lett He­rald.

P­ho­to: Jus­ti­ne Ed­wards

The wor­ld soon a­waits the­se young Oak­hill le­ar­ners. Fi­nal ex­ams and then in­to an ex­ci­ting new wor­ld w­he­re le­ar­ning con­ti­nues.

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