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Pau­la Wit­ney, Knys­na:

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I think that e­ver­yo­ne in Knys­na should sa­lu­te the ma­ny or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons who re­spon­ded so o­ver­w­hel­mingly in gi­ving out ne­ces­sa­ry goods to help tho­se pe­op­le who lost e­ver­y­thing in the fi­re in Ju­ne – in par­ti­cu­lar tho­se who did not ha­ve in­su­ran­ce co­ver. Most of the­se pro­jects ha­ve now al­most co­me to an end as de­mand has les­se­ned.

Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, hou­se fi­res are a fre­quent occur­ren­ce in the towns­hips main­ly be­cau­se the s­hacks are so flim­sy and the occu­pants use cand­les for lig­hting, and o­pen fi­res for cook­ing.

Ho­we­ver the­re is a c­ha­ri­ty that has been o­pe­ra­ting qui­et­ly in the back­ground sin­ce the e­ar­ly ‘60s cal­led the Knys­na Wo­men’s As­so­ci­a­ti­on Di­sas­ter Fund.

Sin­ce its in­cep­ti­on, a wor­king par­ty of Knys­na la­dies sup­por­ted the lo­cal fa­mi­lies who had fal­len on hard ti­mes, hel­ping out with food par­cels and ba­by for­mu­la, and taxi fa­re to vi­sit fa­mi­ly mem­bers who we­re for­ced to stay in Ge­or­ge in the hos­pi­tal or pri­son.

O­ver the y­e­ars the­se needs ha­ve c­han­ged and the main fo­cus for so­me y­e­ars has been to help pe­op­le who ha­ve lost their ho­mes and be­lon­gings and sup­ply them with bed­ding, kit­chen­wa­re, clo­thing – all the es­sen­ti­als to start o­ver a­gain.

From the com­mu­ni­ty, t­his di­sas­ter fund re­cei­ves gif­ts of bed li­nen and clo­thing, and with the small do­na­ti­ons of mo­ney they pur­cha­se pots, pans croc­ke­ry, cut­le­ry etc.

They do not re­cei­ve any go­vern­ment grants nor lot­to funds and re­ly on the kind­ness of pe­op­le who ca­re.

They work clo­se­ly with the C­hild Wel­fa­re SA-Knys­na.

I thoug­ht it was well worth dra­wing at­ten­ti­on to t­his small lo­cal c­ha­ri­ty and to high­lig­ht the in­va­lu­a­ble help they gi­ve to the poor­er secti­on of our com­mu­ni­ty. Help in any way would be a boon in or­der for them to car­ry on their va­lu­a­ble work. They would al­so wel­co­me new vo­lun­teers as so­me of the la­dies ha­ve been ti­re­les­sly wor­king sin­ce the in­cep­ti­on – in par­ti­cu­lar their chai­r­per­son Daphne Hen­nes­sy.

Should you wish to help, Daphne’s te­lep­ho­ne num­ber is 044 384 0075. Do­na­ti­ons can be drop­ped off at C­hild Wel­fa­re in Waterfront d­ri­ve (very c­lo­se to Food Lo­ver’s Mar­ket).

Their bank de­tails are Ned­bank Knys­na sa­vings ac­count no. 2711027392.

They de­ser­ve our help so p­le­a­se re­mem­ber our lo­cal Di­sas­ter fund .

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