Up, up, up… Are you re­a­dy to fly?

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“The most im­por­tant ki­te fly­ers co­ming to the thi­rd E­den Ki­te Fe­s­ti­val are… you!” says Keith Mould, ki­te ma­ker and fly­er, truf­fle far­mer and foun­der of t­his well-lo­ved e­vent. “It’s a fa­mi­ly fe­s­ti­val, a chan­ce to get out in­to the fresh air, be en­ter­tai­ned and join in the fun, and look up at the ki­te spec­ta­cle rat­her than do­wn at screens.”

The­re will be ki­ters from Port E­li­za­beth, P­re­to­ria, Po­land, Eng­land and The Net­her­lands, as well as Knys­na ki­te ma­ker G­reg Mountjoy and Bar­ba­ra Mould of Sed­ge­field.

“We’ve put to­get­her a va­ried pro­gram­me to ap­pe­al to e­ver­y­bo­dy and to ma­ke it as interactive as pos­si­ble. A ma­jor high­lig­ht t­his ye­ar is an at­tempt to set a re­cord for the num­ber of ki­tes in the air si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly,” Mould said. “The spon­sors of the e­vent, Lew Gef­fen Sot­he­by’s In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Re­al­ty, ha­ve ma­de it pos­si­ble for the pu­blic to buy fe­s­ti­val ki­tes at very re­du­ced pri­ces in or­der to join in t­his re­cord at­tempt.

“The­re are 2 000 ki­tes a­vai­la­ble alt­hough mo­re than 5 000 pe­op­le are ex­pected to at­tend, so we en­coura­ge pe­op­le to buy their ki­tes be­fo­re the fe­s­ti­val. They’re a­vai­la­ble at Tou­rism and all Sot­he­by’s of­fi­ces in Knys­na and Sed­ge­field. W­hi­le you are the­re, buy your en­try tic­kets for the fe­s­ti­val too – the­re will be an ex­press en­try la­ne for tic­ket hol­ders so you can a­void the queu­es at the en­tran­ce.”

Du­ring the day the­re are ot­her ex­ci­ting e­vents such dog a­gi­li­ty dis­plays, boe­re­sport for the child­ren and dif­fe­rent ki­te-ma­king works­hops ca­te­ring for young child­ren, ol­der child­ren and a­dults. One works­hop will be held by ki­te ma­ker Maar­ten van Hie­nen of Hol­land.

Fun acti­vi­ties for e­ver­yo­ne

You can par­ti­ci­pa­te in a num­ber of e­vents, in­clu­ding the Run­ning with the Bols, a ra­ce w­he­re you ha­ve a bol (a ki­te shaped li­ke a pa­ra­chu­te) tied to you and you ha­ve to run with it. Being 2017, you’ll al­so ha­ve to ty­pe a mes­sa­ge on your pho­ne w­hi­le run­ning!

The­re is al­so a pho­to­graphic com­pe­ti­ti­on o­pen to all and with fa­bu­lous pri­zes, and that firm fa­vou­ri­te, the Te­am Ki­te C­hal­len­ge w­he­re you fig­ht in the sky with ki­tes, is back.

Knys­na ma­yor E­le­a­no­re Bouw-S­pies will of­fi­ci­al­ly o­pen the fe­s­ti­val by laun­ching a s­pe­ci­al ki­te to show that Knys­na Ri­ses af­ter the fi­res.

Ex­pect up to 40 food and craft stalls, and new t­his ye­ar is a pi­cnic a­rea with chairs, ta­ble and shade from w­he­re you can en­joy the show. Al­so new is a de­di­ca­ted spa­ce for the pu­blic to fly their ki­tes.

The fe­s­ti­val ta­kes pla­ce at E­den La­wns al­ong the N2 in Sed­ge­field from 09:30 to 16:30 on Sun­day 22 Oc­to­ber. The day be­fo­re, at 16:30, the­re is an o­pe­ning con­cert at the Oc­to­pus Gar­den un­der the Sea, S­ca­rab Mar­ket in Sed­ge­field. Wen­dy Old­field and LeRoy Bo­tha will be per­for­ming, so bring your own chairs, blan­kets and pi­cnic, en­joy the mu­sic and meet the ma­yor and the ki­te fly­ers un­der the stars. Tic­kets are li­mi­ted, a­vai­la­ble at Tou­rism and at Sot­he­by’s of­fi­ces.

The con­cert and the fe­s­ti­val are in aid of com­mu­ni­ty ser­vi­ce cen­t­re Ma­sit­handa­ne’s burs­a­ry fund, which sup­ports le­ar­ners at­ten­ding s­chool by pro­vi­ding ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties as well as trans­port to le­ar­ners li­ving in Sed­ge­field as the­re is no pu­blic trans­port or a high s­chool in Sed­ge­field. Jacky We­a­ver of Ma­sit­handa­ne says the fe­s­ti­val is a ma­jor e­vent on their ca­len­dar and a sig­ni­fi­cant fun­drai­ser.

* Mo­re in­fo: Keith Mould 083 679 4039 or kmould@mweb.co.za

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

The pu­re joy of ki­te flying is e­vi­dent on t­his litt­le fa­ce from last ye­ar’s Ki­te Fe­s­ti­val. T­his ye­ar’s e­vent is a­round the cor­ner, on 22 Oc­to­ber.

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