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As part of a fun te­am-buil­ding exe­r­ci­se, pho­to­grap­her Ian F­le­ming’s Pen Pals re­cent­ly went on a He­roes vs Vil­lans ou­ting.

F­ri­day 8 Sep­tem­ber was a day fil­led with fun, laug­h­ter, blind­folds and ga­mes for the Pen Pals, and one they are bound to ne­ver to f­or­get, bon­ding clo­ser than e­ver.

In 2011, Ian de­ci­ded to start a trai­ning i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve in­vol­ving high s­chool stu­dents. T­his pro­ject is now cal­led Pen Pals. The na­me is de­ri­ved from the fact that e­ach of his stu­dents is e­quip­ped with an O­lym­pus Pen ca­me­ra to le­arn the art of photography.

“I’ve le­arnt to see the wor­ld in dif­fe­rent per­specti­ves, al­ong with dif­fe­rent ISOs sin­ce I’ve been in Pen Pals. We’ve le­arnt how to not just ta­ke the p­ho­tos but ma­ke the p­ho­tos,” says the pas­si­o­na­te young as­pi­ring pho­to­grap­her, Am­ber Mon­ta­gu.

A­li­ce Lu­ba­ni says, “I’ve le­arnt not to just cap­tu­re a mo­ment but to bring it to li­fe.”

And Ho­pe Ba­ker B­rigg says she has le­arnt to work in a te­am, and see the s­to­ries be­hind pic­tu­res and not just the pic­tu­re it­self.

We met at Ian stu­dio to get our ca­me­ras and get our in­ner pho­to­grap­her on. Our first task was a pho­to­graphic ren­di­ti­on of “Cap­tu­re the flag” w­he­re we we­re in­structed to ta­ke a pho­to­graph of a coun­try’s flag. It was qui­te chal­len­ging as the Pen Pals had to re­fresh their flag kno­w­led­ge (Google is a li­fesa­ver). We then wal­ked to T­he­sen Is­land and un­le­as­hed our in­ner c­hild. The acti­vi­ties ran­ged from cook­ie fa­ce batt­les to cha­ra­des to blind­fold ob­sta­cle cour­ses.

The first acti­vi­ties of the day wor­ked up an ap­pe­ti­te. C­hat­ters, a lo­cal re­stau­rant fa­mous for their wood-fi­red piz­zas, ge­ne­rous­ly spon­so­red our lunch. We got to in­dul­ge in a se­lecti­on of mouthwa­te­ring piz­zas ser­ved with f­riend­ly smi­les.

We then he­a­ded do­wn to the mall to end our day with a litt­le bit of pho­to­graph pong (who knew!) and a bub­ble-the­med p­ho­to shoot.

It is sa­fe to say that all the Pen Pals en­joy­ed e­ach ot­her’s com­pa­ny, cre­a­ted new me­mo­ries and for­med e­ver­las­ting friends­hips.

P­ho­tos: Sup­p­lied

Back from left: A­li­ce Lu­ba­ni, Ca­ra le Roux, Am­ber Mon­ta­gu, Ga­briel Hen­ley, (front) )C­he­ska Este­ban, Ja­mes Zon­da­ni and Ho­pe Ba­ker B­rigg.

Pen Pals just han­ging and ha­ving fun!

A­li­ce Lu­ba­ni in­dul­ging in a piz­za from C­hat­ters.

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