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W­hat star­ted as the o­pe­ning of an art exhi­bi­ti­on at A­voPom­me C­re­a­ti­ve Hub tur­ned in­to an ex­ci­ting new pro­ject by the end of the e­ve­ning, with the fo­cus on Knys­na’s fi­re-ra­va­ged P­led­ge Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve.

On T­hurs­day 5 Oc­to­ber, He­le­na (Nan­na) Jou­bert’s exhi­bi­ti­on, tit­led Black to G­reen: Ex­pres­si­ons in C­har­co­al, was o­pe­ned. The 13 pie­ces in mixed me­dia (oils and c­har­co­al) on pa­per sho­w­ca­se the g­reen gro­wth co­ming through at P­led­ge Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve.

In­spi­red by the a­bun­dan­ce of c­har­co­al af­ter the fi­re and “na­tu­ral or­ga­nis­ms’ won­drous re­spon­se to fi­re”, Jou­bert said she set out to cre­a­te a se­ries of dra­wings ex­pres­sing de­va­sta­ti­on and new be­gin­nings.

Af­ter the o­pe­ning, it was pro­po­sed that Jou­bert cre­a­tes a ca­len­dar fe­a­tu­ring her works, as a way to rai­se funds for the re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on of the na­tu­re re­ser­ve.

*If you would li­ke to get in­vol­ved with the fun­ding of t­his pro­ject, p­le­a­se con­tact hel­lo@a­vopom­me.com.

An exhi­bi­ti­on tit­led Black to G­reen: Ex­pres­si­ons in C­har­co­al by He­le­na Jou­bert is on at A­voPom­me C­re­a­ti­ve Hub.

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