C­hild porn ca­se: ‘I know I should feel bad, but I don’t’

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The P­let­ten­berg Bay man who ple­a­ded guil­ty to a­bout 19 000 char­ges of pos­ses­si­on of c­hild por­no­grap­hy claims that do­wn­lo­a­ding the images was a­bout an in­te­rest in the “dark web” and a c­hal­len­ge to gain access to “loc­ked fi­les” con­tai­ning shocking con­tent.

T­his is w­hat Co­lo­nel Bron­wynn S­tol­larz, a psy­cho­lo­gist with the po­li­ce in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ve psy­cho­lo­gy u­nit, said last week du­ring sen­ten­cing pro­cee­dings in the Knys­na Re­gi­o­nal Court in the mat­ter in­vol­ving Wil­li­am Be­a­le.

T­his claim S­tol­larz, ho­we­ver, des­cri­bed as an at­tempt to mi­ni­mi­se his in­vol­vement in the mat­ter.

Be­a­le was the first South A­fri­can to ha­ve been ar­res­ted in an o­pe­ra­ti­on in­vol­ving South A­fri­can and Bel­gi­an po­li­ce to crack do­wn on an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal c­hild por­no­grap­hy ring lin­ked to a cy­ber meet­ing spa­ce for pa­e­dophi­les w­ho­se fe­tis­hes seem to be the sexu­al a­bu­se of ba­bies. So­me of the images found in­clu­ded the tor­tu­re and mur­der of ba­bies as young as on­ly a few days old.

W­hen Be­a­le was ar­res­ted po­li­ce found secti­ons of fi­les con­tai­ning thou­sands of vi­de­os and vi­o­lent as­saults as well as in­ter­net ad­dres­ses of mo­re than 300 al­le­ged pa­e­dophi­les.

He ple­a­ded guil­ty to a­bout 19 000 char­ges of pos­ses­si­on of c­hild por­no­grap­hy in Fe­bru­a­ry t­his ye­ar fol­lo­wing his ar­rest in Ja­nu­a­ry 2015. He was sub­se­quent­ly re­le­a­sed on R10 000 bail and re­lo­ca­ted to Kim­ber­ley to li­ve with his brot­her and his fa­mi­ly.

‘He con­tra­dicted him­self’

S­tol­larz tes­ti­fied that Be­a­le not on­ly con­tra­dicted him­self du­ring their con­sul­ta­ti­on but was al­so ma­ni­pu­la­ti­ve du­ring the in­ter­view and at­temp­ted to mi­ni­mi­se his in­vol­vement.

She said t­his not on­ly in­vol­ved re­fer­ring to his col­lecti­on of images as an in­te­rest in the dark web and the c­hal­len­ge of acces­sing the­se for­bid­den fi­les, but al­so by tel­ling her that c­hild por­no­grap­hy for­med on­ly a small per­cen­ta­ge of the images he col­lected.

He al­so con­tra­dicted him­self, she said, by i­ni­ti­al­ly re­por­ting to her that he his pa­ra­phi­lic (ab­nor­mal sexu­al be­ha­vi­our) in­te­re­sts on­ly star­ted in in his 20s, but la­ter ad­mit­ted that he had u­rophi­lic (sexu­al be­ha­vi­our in­vol­ving u­ri­na­ting) in­te­re­sts at the age of a­bout 11. She said the lat­ter was con­sis­tent with stu­dies on the mat­ter.

He al­so re­por­ted to her that he did not ha­ve a sexu­al in­te­rest in child­ren, yet ad­mit­ted that he be­ca­me a­rou­sed vie­wing child­ren eng­a­ging in sexu­al acti­vi­ty – es­pe­ci­al­ly if he be­lie­ved them to be si­blings. “For so­meo­ne who is not in­te­rested in such ma­te­ri­al, it is dif­fi­cult to wa­tch,” S­tol­larz said, ad­ding that Be­a­le had of­ten vie­wed images for ex­ten­si­ve pe­ri­ods of up to eig­ht hours at a ti­me, ac­cor­ding to him.

She furt­her tes­ti­fied that Be­a­le re­por­ted to her that “I know I should feel bad, but I don’t” w­hen he spo­ke a­bout his fee­lings to­wards child­ren being a­bu­sed for c­hild por­no­grap­hy pur­po­ses.

She ad­ded that he, ho­we­ver, felt em­pathy for a­ni­mals and the­re­fo­re could not wa­tch any form of a­ni­mal a­bu­se.

‘A­bu­sed as a c­hild’

She al­so shed so­me lig­ht on his back­ground, which in­clu­des se­ver­al forms of child­hood a­bu­se, in­clu­ding sexu­al and phy­si­cal.

She tes­ti­fied that Be­a­le’s bi­o­lo­gi­cal mot­her was an al­co­ho­lic, that his fat­her had died at a young age and that he grew up in or­pha­na­ges and fos­ter ho­mes.

S­tol­larz ad­ded that af­ter Be­a­le com­ple­ted high s­chool, he li­ved on the streets and re­lied on ste­a­ling food and ot­her ne­ces­si­ties to get by. He al­so a­bu­sed sub­stan­ces in­clu­ding o­pi­oids, Man­drax and dag­ga.

S­tol­larz al­so tes­ti­fied that the­re are se­ver­al fac­tors pre­sent with Be­a­le that ma­kes him a risk of re­of­fen­ding, in­clu­ding his pa­e­dophi­lic dis­or­der, an­ti­so­ci­al per­so­na­li­ty traits, sub­stan­ce a­bu­se, dif­fi­cul­ty for­ming success­ful sexu­al re­la­ti­ons­hips with part­ners and his cri­mi­nal his­to­ry. Be­a­le was con­victed on a d­rug pos­ses­si­on char­ge e­ar­lier in li­fe and was found in pos­ses­si­on of dag­ga du­ring his ar­rest in 2015.

The mat­ter was pos­t­po­ned to 23 Oc­to­ber for he­ads of ar­gu­ment to be pre­pa­red be­fo­re sen­ten­cing.

P­ho­to: Yo­lan­de S­tan­der

A glimp­se of Be­a­le du­ring one of his court ap­pea­ran­ces.

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