P­le­a­se re­turn our pots

S­her­ley, Knys­na Heights:

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It is now mont­hs sin­ce the fi­res and sin­ce my hou­se has been go­ne. I walk for exe­r­ci­se and con­ti­nue to se­arch for our pots, by peer­ing o­ver gar­den walls. A few weeks ago, I was su­re I had found them – three pots so li­ke ours – on dis­play in a pri­va­te gar­den.

I rus­hed ho­me to get a ca­me­ra in or­der to do a com­pa­ri­son on­ce I had ta­ken a p­ho­to. Sad­ly, they we­re si­mi­lar but I could not claim them as ours. Thank he­a­ven I didn’t em­bar­rass my­self by knocking on the o­w­ners’ front door.

And so the se­arch con­ti­nues, and I ha­ve no doubt that one day we will find them. It’s not a­bout the pots – the d­ri­ve to find them is that tho­se three pots we­re the on­ly t­hings that sur­vi­ved the fi­re and are all we had left from the ho­me we had re­cent­ly re­no­va­ted and mo­ved in­to.

Ed no­te: T­his is the se­cond let­ter S­her­ley has writ­ten to us and she li­ves in ho­pe that w­hoe­ver took the­se pots gi­ves them back as they are hu­ge­ly sen­ti­men­tal to her. How a­bout t­his: if you know w­he­re the­se pots are, just put them back on the pa­vement.

A p­ho­to sent in by the re­a­der of her pots which we­re the on­ly re­mains of her ho­me. They we­re sto­len, but she ho­pes still they may be re­co­ve­r­ed.

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