F­red Al­ger re­lief fund con­ti­nues to as­sist

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In the Knys­na-P­lett He­rald of 21 Sep­tem­ber it was re­por­ted that a US bu­si­nes­sman cre­a­ted a fund to as­sist victims of the Knys­na 7 Ju­ne fi­res.

F­red Al­ger do­na­ted $100 000 (a­bout R1.3-mil­li­on) to tho­se in need af­ter the fi­re struck, as he un­der­stands loss and trau­ma his own har­ro­wing ex­pe­rien­ce du­ring the T­win To­wers ter­ror at­tack in New York in 2001.

Ac­cor­ding to spo­kes­per­son Jill Ma­thie­sen, the fund con­ti­nues to sup­port in­di­vi­du­als, fa­mi­lies and small bu­si­nes­ses who we­re se­ver­e­ly af­fected.

“Last week, the fund pled­ged R20 000 to four small bu­si­nes­ses who ha­ve been se­ver­e­ly af­fected by the fi­re. The funds will be u­sed for spe­ci­fic i­tems and paid di­rect­ly to sup­pliers from the fund,” she said.

Ma­thie­sen said the fund has as­sis­ted a to­tal of 55 fa­mi­lies and a furt­her 17 bu­si­nes­ses thus far. This as­sis­tan­ce ran­ges from fa­mi­lies needing wa­shing ma­chi­nes and d­ry­ers, to buying toys for a trau­ma­ti­sed child, to sup­plying food vou­chers to an el­der­ly cou­ple, and fur­nis­hing an of­fi­ce for an ac­coun­ting firm.

“The fund is now tur­ning its at­ten­ti­on to the nort­hern suburbs through the ward coun­cil­lor for that a­rea. This will be the first con­tact with the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty a­bout fi­re re­lief and we a­wait their re­spon­se,” she said.

Ma­thie­sen ad­ded that the fund is con­stant­ly in con­tact with Ro­ta­ry, Knys­na Fa­mi­lies in Need, Knys­na Fi­res 7th Ju­ne and the Vi­ney­ard church in “a vi­brant and sa­tisfying way.” * If you we­re re­gis­te­red as a fi­re victim, un­in­su­red or un­der-in­su­red, ple­a­se ap­ply to the fund by e­mai­ling to jill.ma­thie­sen@gmail.com.

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