Mi­ni­mum qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on re­qui­re­ments:

Knysna-Plett Herald - - Classifieds -

Gra­de 8 (Std. 6) as well as va­lid co­de EC dri­vers li­cen­ce + Pro­fes­si­o­nal dri­vers per­mit.

At le­ast 2 y­e­ars ap­pro­pri­a­te ex­pe­rien­ce in ci­vil ro­ad con­structi­on.

Must be a­ble to o­pe­ra­te a gra­der and 2 ot­her con­structi­on ma­chi­ne­ry.

Must be a­ble to work a­way from ho­me and o­ver­ti­me. Lan­gua­ge pro­fi­cien­cy in at le­ast two of the of­fi­ci­al three lan­gua­ges of the We­stern Ca­pe.

Sound in­ter­per­so­nal re­la­ti­ons.


Fi­nal gra­der o­pe­ra­tor

Du­ties will in­clu­de:

As­sist in the con­structi­on of ro­ads. O­pe­ra­ting he­a­vy con­structi­on ma­chi­ne­ry and trucks. Re­spon­si­ble for log sheets and re­le­vant ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on.

Ap­plying coun­cils Co­de of Good Con­duct as well as he­alth and sa­fe­ty Act.

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