Knys­na hos­pi­tal gets new wards

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‘T­his town has the hig­hest po­pu­la­ti­on den­si­ty per squa­re ki­lo­me­t­re in the E­den Dis­trict.’

Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal of­fi­ci­al­ly o­pe­ned the doors to their ne­w­ly re­no­va­ted wards three y­e­ars af­ter t­hey re­vam­ped the e­mer­gen­cy cen­t­re.

The to­tal cost of the on­going re­no­va­ti­ons pro­ject was R55-mil­li­on, of which R22mil­li­on has been spent re­no­va­ting the wards.

The o­pe­ning of the wards was on Mon­day 23 Oc­to­ber. The wards that ha­ve been com­ple­ted in t­his pha­se are the pa­e­di­a­tric, fe­ma­le and ma­le wards, as well as the the­a­t­re and kit­chen. The­re is al­so a new re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on u­nit and in­no­va­ti­on hub.

We­stern Ca­pe he­alth mi­nis­ter Dr No­m­afrench M­bom­bo said, “I am qui­te ple­a­sed with the g­re­at work that has been a­chie­ved in the Knys­na Hos­pi­tal gi­ven the re­cent tra­ge­dies [Ju­ne fi­res]. Our co­re bu­si­ness is to de­li­ver qua­li­ty he­alt­hca­re ser­vi­ces to all in a con­du­ci­ve en­vi­ron­ment. That is why it is im­por­tant for us to up­gra­de our cur­rent fa­ci­li­ties to an e­ven hig­her stan­dard.”

She said for the first ti­me in his­to­ry t­hey ha­ve spent all their in­fra­struc­tu­re mo­ney ma­king the Knys­na hos­pi­tal pro­ject a success, as the hos­pi­tal was o­ri­gi­nal­ly built in 1970 and re­no­va­ti­ons we­re a ne­ces­si­ty.

Knys­na and Bi­tou sub­dis­tricts’ me­di­cal ma­na­ger Dr Ear­le Du Plooy said, “On­ce the e­mer­gen­cy cen­t­re was o­pe­ned it was cru­ci­al to up­gra­de the rest of the hos­pi­tal to the sa­me stan­dard, to en­s­u­re that pa­tients we­re a­ble to en­joy the sa­me qua­li­ty of ca­re throug­hout.”

The phy­si­ot­her­a­py and occu­pa­ti­o­nal ther­a­py u­nits and the die­ti­ci­an de­part­ment ([nu­tri­ti­o­nal needs) ha­ve al­so been im­pro­ved to as­sist in the im­pro­ved re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on of pa­tients.

The ot­her pro­ject is the in­no­va­ti­on hub, which e­na­bles s­taff to ex­chan­ge i­de­as in an im­pro­ved way.

Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal, a 90-bed le­vel 1 fa­ci­li­ty, ser­ves Knys­na sub­dis­trict (po­pu­la­ti­on of 69 000) as well as Bi­tou (po­pu­la­ti­on of 49 000). Knys­na, with its po­pu­la­ti­on gro­wth ra­te of 2,77%, ex­pe­rien­ces pro­por­ti­o­nal gro­wth in its ca­su­al­ty pa­tient he­ad­count and as such, fa­ci­li­ties need to keep up with t­his, said Du Plooy.

“T­his town has the hig­hest po­pu­la­ti­on den­si­ty per squa­re ki­lo­me­t­re in the E­den Dis­trict, which ac­counts for much of the bur­den of di­se­a­se li­ke the hig­hest tu­ber­cu­lo­sis and HIV in­ci­den­ce ra­te in the dis­trict. Bi­tou is the fas­te­st­gro­wing sub­dis­trict in E­den with an a­vera­ge gro­wth ra­te of 5.22%.

“We­stern Ca­pe go­vern­ment he­alth in Knys­na is ex­ci­ted to wel­co­me you at our ne­w­ly re­no­va­ted hos­pi­tal,” con­clu­ded Du Plooy.

The ne­w­ly re­no­va­ted a­wards of­fi­ci­al­ly o­pen. From left: E­den Dis­trict he­alth ma­na­ger Dr He­li­se S­chu­mann, ma­yor E­le­a­nor Bouw-S­pies, pro­vin­ci­al he­alth mi­nis­ter Dr No­m­afrench M­bom­bo, hos­pi­tal bo­ard chair Ro­bert Qu­ail, Knys­na/Bi­tou me­di­cal ma­na­ger Dr Ear­le du Plooy and pro­vin­ci­al he­alth de­part­ment he­ad Dr Beth En­gel­brecht. We­stern Ca­pe he­alth mi­nis­ter Dr No­m­afrench M­bom­bo tal­king at the o­pe­ning of Knys­na hos­pi­tal’s re­vam­ped wards t­his week.

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