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The cri­mi­nal ca­se a­gainst the P­let­ten­berg Bay com­pu­ter en­gi­neer who ple­a­ded guil­ty to pos­ses­si­on of child por­no­grap­hy ca­me one step clo­ser to com­ple­ti­on t­his week w­hen the S­ta­te and de­fen­ce pre­sen­ted their fi­nal ar­gu­ments in the T­hem­ba­let­hu Re­gi­o­nal Court in Ge­or­ge.

W­hen Wil­li­am Be­a­le was ar­res­ted at his se­a­si­de ho­me in Ja­nu­a­ry 2015, po­li­ce found secti­ons of fi­les con­tai­ning thou­sands of vi­de­os and vi­o­lent as­saults, which in­clu­ded the tor­tu­re and mur­der of ba­bies as young as on­ly a few days old. The­re we­re al­so in­ter­net ad­dres­ses of mo­re than 300 al­le­ged pa­e­dophi­les.

He ple­a­ded guil­ty to a­bout 19 000 char­ges of pos­ses­si­on of child por­no­grap­hy in Fe­bru­a­ry t­his y­e­ar. He is cur­rent­ly out on R10 000 bail and li­ving in Kim­ber­ley with his brot­her and his fa­mi­ly.

Whi­le pre­sen­ting her he­ads of ar­gu­ment on Mon­day 23 Oc­to­ber, S­ta­te pro­se­cu­tor Ger­da Marx ur­ged the court to im­po­se a 20-y­e­ar sen­ten­ce.

Marx said the i­ma­ges found in Be­a­le’s pos­ses­si­on we­re so gru­e­so­me that “it will haunt me for the rest of my li­fe”. She ad­ded that he was part of a group that was very dif­fi­cult to track do­wn and ap­pre­hend, and that child por­no­grap­hy was fu­el­led by pe­op­le li­ke Be­a­le.

She ad­ded that Be­a­le did not ask for help with his ha­bits be­fo­re he was ar­res­ted, has sho­wn no re­mor­se, and feels sor­ry for him­self inste­ad. She al­so poin­ted out, ba­sed on ex­pert tes­ti­mo­ny, that he is a risk of re­of­fen­ding.

Be­a­le’s le­gal re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve ad­vo­ca­te Paul van den Berg was, ho­we­ver, a­da­mant that Be­a­le has a slim chan­ce of re­of­fen­ding.

He said the S­ta­te did not ta­ke in­to ac­count Be­a­le’s per­so­nal ci­r­cum­stan­ces, which in­clu­ded not ha­ving a ro­le mo­del whi­le gro­wing up, he was sexu­al­ly a­bu­sed him­self, he has ne­ver g­room­ed child­ren and has good so­ci­al sup­port from his a­dop­ti­ve fa­mi­ly.

Van den Berg said that Be­a­le should not be “thro­wn on the rub­bish dump” by the court as an act of re­ven­ge, and that three y­e­ars be­hind bars would be an ap­pro­pri­a­te sen­ten­ce.

Sen­ten­cing for Be­a­le is sche­du­led for 7 No­vem­ber in the T­hem­ba­let­hu Re­gi­o­nal Court.

P­ho­tos: Yo­lan­de S­tan­der

Wil­li­am Be­a­le “has sho­wn no re­mor­se”, ac­cor­ding to S­ta­te pro­se­cu­tor Ger­da Marx.

Wil­li­am Be­a­le in court du­ring the tri­al.

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