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The sta­ti­on com­man­der of the Knys­na po­li­ce, Co­lo­nel At­well Me­tu, con­g­ra­tu­la­tes War­rant Of­fi­cers Hugo Beu­kes and Pe­trus Kapp and Ser­ge­ant A­bra­ham Zon­de­ka on their re­cent ap­point­ments as sec­tor com­man­ders af­ter the­se po­si­ti­ons be­ca­me va­cant.

The pos­ts we­re ad­ver­ti­sed in­ter­nal­ly.

Sec­tor po­li­cing was in­tro­du­ced du­ring 2009 and the Knys­na po­li­cing pre­cinct was de­mar­ca­ted in­to six sec­tors. The­se ap­point­ments on­ly af­fect sec­tors 4, 5 and 6. Com­man­ders in the ot­her sec­tors re­main the sa­me.

Sec­tor 4: Ser­ge­ant A­bra­ham Zon­de­ka

A­re­as: Bon­ga­ni, Con­cor­dia, W­hi­te Lo­ca­ti­on, Jood­se­kamp, Qol­we­ni and F­len­ter Lo­ca­ti­on

Zon­de­ka, with 13 y­e­ars po­li­cing ex­pe­rien­ce, has been in the cri­me p­re­ven­ti­on en­vi­ron­ment for the lar­ge­st part of his po­li­cing ca­reer.

Sec­tor 5: War­rant Of­fi­cer Hugo Beu­kes

A­re­as: R­hee­nen­dal, Bib­by’s Hoek, Ruig­te­vlei, Ka­ra­ta­ra, Red­lands and sur­roun­ding farms

Beu­kes, with 30-y­e­ars po­li­cing ex­pe­rien­ce, is an ex­pe­rien­ced po­li­ce of­fi­cer and has ser­ved the Knys­na SAPS in va­ri­ous ca­pa­ci­ties du­ring his 30-y­e­ar ca­reer.

Sec­tor 6: War­rant Of­fi­cer Pe­trus Kapp


Buf­fa­lo Bay, Sed­ge­field and S­muts­vil­le

Kapp was the pre­vi­ous sec­tor com­man­der of the ru­ral sec­tor and has a vast ran­ge of ex­pe­rien­ce in sec­tor po­li­cing. He joi­ned the po­li­ce in 1994 and ser­ved the SAPS in va­ri­ous ca­pa­ci­ties.

The ro­le of a sec­tor com­man­der is to ma­na­ge and coor­di­na­te all cri­me-re­la­ted acti­vi­ties in the sec­tors. It is al­so im­por­tant to in­te­ract with the com­mu­ni­ty, es­ta­blish po­li­ce sub­fo­rums and fos­ter coope­ra­ti­on with com­mu­ni­ty sa­fe­ty struc­tu­res in the sec­tor. Re­crui­ting neig­hbour­hood wa­tch vo­lun­teers and es­ta­blis­hing com­mu­ni­ty sa­fe­ty struc­tu­res is one of their key ob­jecti­ves.

Me­tu said the­se ap­point­ments will en­han­ce ser­vi­ce de­li­very and streng­then the part­ners­hip with the com­mu­ni­ty.

“All sec­tor com­man­ders must be acces­si­ble to the com­mu­ni­ty and t­hey must work clo­se­ly with li­ke-min­ded sta­ke­hol­ders to in­cre­a­se the sa­fe­ty le­vels in their va­ri­ous sec­tors,” he said. –

Ser­ge­ant A­bra­ham Zon­de­ka, sec­tor 4

War­rant Of­fi­cer Hugo Beu­kes, sec­tor 5

War­rant Of­fi­cer Pe­trus Kapp, sec­tor 6

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