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THEFT OUT M.V. - MARKET STR (Fri 20 Oc­to­ber @ 08h30) - Re­si­dent re­por­ted that car was bro­ken in­to du­ring the nig­ht. A lap­top bag was sto­len in­clu­ding D­ri­ver Li­cen­se and cards. Li­cen­se and cards we­re re­co­ve­r­ed and re­tur­ned to o­w­ner. Ca­se was o­pe­ned.

THEFT OUT M.V. - GRAY STR (Fri 20 Oc­to­ber @ 14h30) - Mo­to­rist re­que­sted as­sis­tan­ce af­ter vehi­cle was acces­sed u­sing re­mo­te jam­ming. CCTV foota­ge was re­vie­wed and clo­thing des­crip­ti­on bro­ad­cast of the sus­pects. All­sound of­fi­cers ap­pre­hen­ded both sus­pects la­ter. Ca­se was o­pe­ned and sus­pects we­re han­ded o­ver.

THEFT - GRAY STR (Fri 20 Oc­to­ber @ 16h31) - Gent­le­man re­por­ted that his bi­cy­cle was sto­len a­round 09h00 - 09h30 in Gray S­treet. Re­que­sted as­sis­tan­ce with CCTV. No ca­me­ras within c­lo­se prox­i­mi­ty to theft. Ca­se was o­pe­ned.

THEFT - MAIN STR (Fri 20 Oc­to­ber @ 21h23) - Of­fi­cers re­spon­ded to a pa­nic sig­nal. Staff re­por­ted that so­meo­ne paid for goods with coun­ter­feit R50 no­tes. Vehi­cle in­for­ma­ti­on was han­ded o­ver to SAPS. Sus­pect was ta­ken in for que­s­ti­o­ning. THEFT OUT M.V. - HILL STR WEST (Sat 21 Oc­to­ber @ 06h32) - C­lient te­lep­ho­ned to re­port that their vehi­cle was bro­ken in­to du­ring the nig­ht. 2 C­hain­saws we­re re­por­ted mis­sing. Ca­se was o­pe­ned with SAPS. SHOPLIFTING - MAIN STR (Sat 21 Oc­to­ber @ 10h14) - All­sound guards ap­pre­hen­ded a sus­pect in pos­ses­si­on of cof­fee shop­lif­ted from one of the sto­res. S­to­re de­cli­ned to o­pen a ca­se. Sus­pect was re­le­a­sed.

THEFT - MAIN STR (Sat 21 Oc­to­ber @ 12h00) - C­lient re­que­sted as­sis­tan­ce af­ter her cel­lp­ho­ne was sto­len out her bag whi­le she was shop­ping. CCTV foota­ge sho­wed 4 fe­ma­le sus­pects fleeing in a Toyo­ta Runx with GP re­gis­tra­ti­on. A­lert was sent out with vehi­cle des­crip­ti­on. SHOPLIFTING - MAIN STR (Sun 22 Oc­to­ber @ 13h48) - Fe­ma­le sus­pect grab­bed se­ver­al i­tems of clo­thing and fled. All­sound Guards ap­pre­hen­ded the sus­pect. Ca­se was o­pe­ned and all goods re­co­ve­r­ed. SHOPLIFTING - MAIN STR (Sun 22 Oc­to­ber @ 15h48) - All­sound guards re­por­ted that sus­pect was caug­ht with R2500 worth of shop­lif­ted i­tems. Ca­se was o­pe­ned and sus­pect was char­ged.

THEFT OUT M.V. - QU­EEN STR (Tu­es 24 Oc­to­ber @ 10h11) - C­lient re­por­ted that gue­sts’ vehi­cle was bro­ken in­to du­ring the nig­ht. No signs of for­ced en­try and on­ly a pac­ket of bis­cuits was re­por­ted mis­sing. No ca­se was o­pe­ned. SHOPLIFTING - MAIN STR (Tu­es 24 Oc­to­ber @ 16h44) - All­sound Gu­ard ra­di­oed in to re­port that a 16-y­e­ar-old sus­pect was caug­ht for shoplifting. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied to furt­her as­sist.


THEFT - CIRCULAR DR (Sat 21 Oc­to­ber @ 07h45) - C­lient re­por­ted that their cop­per pi­pes and wa­ter me­ter re­a­der we­re sto­len du­ring the nig­ht. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied.

THEFT OUT M.V. - HANDEL STR (Tu­es 24 Oc­to­ber @ 10h56) - Gu­est hou­se o­w­ner re­por­ted that 2 vehi­cles we­re bro­ken in­to du­ring the nig­ht. Jac­kets re­por­ted mis­sing from the one. No­thing sto­len from the ot­her.


BURGLARY - OLD TOLL RD (T­hurs 19 Oc­to­ber @ 16h31) - C­lient pho­ned to re­port that s­li­ding door was lif­ted out its fra­me. An amp and spea­ker we­re re­por­ted mis­sing. No ca­se o­pe­ned.

BURGLARY - STINKWOOD CRES (Sat 21 Oc­to­ber @ 23h20) - Of­fi­cer re­spon­ded to a­larm sig­nal and found s­mall ga­ra­ge door for­ced o­pen. O­w­ner re­por­ted no­thing mis­sing from pre­mi­ses. No ca­se o­pe­ned. BURGLARY - MILKWOOD DR (Sun 22 Oc­to­ber @ 04h06) - Of­fi­cer re­spon­ded to a­larm and found s­li­ding door for­ced o­pen. A TV was mis­sing from the pro­per­ty. A­rea was se­ar­ched, sus­pect not found. Ca­se was o­pe­ned.

THEFT OUT M.V. - MILKWOOD DR (Sun 22 Oc­to­ber @ 09h55) - C­lient re­por­ted that their vehi­cle was bro­ken in­to du­ring the nig­ht and fis­hing e­quip­ment sto­len. Ca­se was o­pe­ned with SAPS.


BURGLARY - LYNN C­LO­SE (Fri 20 Oc­to­ber @ 19h03) - Of­fi­cer re­spon­ded to a­larm sig­nal and con­fir­med bre­ak-in. Win­dow and bur­glar bars had been for­ced o­pen. Key­hol­der was no­ti­fied and re­por­ted no­thing vi­si­bly mis­sing. BURGLARY - HOWARD STR (Sat 21 Oc­to­ber @ 19h05) - C­lient acti­va­ted the pa­nic af­ter no­ti­cing that out­si­de sto­re­room door was o­pen and pad­lock bro­ken. An an­gle grin­der was found lying in the dri­veway. C­lient unsu­re if a­ny­thing el­se was ta­ken. SAPS we­re in­for­med. ATTEMPTED BURGLARY GALJOEN STR (Wed 25 Oc­to­ber @ 02h17) - C­lient re­por­ted a sus­pi­ci­ous per­son at her ga­ra­ge who fled w­hen he saw the o­w­ner. For­ce marks we­re found on the door but no en­try was gai­ned.


Me­di­cal / ge­ne­ral as­sis­tan­ce - 10; do­mes­tic dis­pu­tes / noi­se dis­tur­ban­ces - 10; sus­pi­ci­ous per­sons / vehi­cle re­ports - 16; as­sis­tan­ce with va­grant re­mo­val / tres­pas­sers - 15; noi­ses on pro­per­ty / a­gi­ta­ted dogs – 3

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