S­mall man with a big he­art for his be­lo­ved dog

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Bry­an Keen­an, the di­mi­nu­ti­ve ar­tist who is u­su­al­ly sta­ti­o­ned at Wood­mill La­ne at his can­vas with brush in hand, ba­re­ly needs in­tro­ducti­on.

Most of Bry­an’s pain­tings fe­a­tu­re his dog Jock, his work of­ten jux­ta­po­sing the fun na­tu­re of the ar­tist a­gainst the pain he feels sin­ce Jock’s pas­sing.

His fait­hful com­pa­ni­on died in 2014 and the ar­tist has kept him a­li­ve in all his pain­tings e­ver sin­ce.

Bry­an, who has been pain­ting for the last 10 y­e­ars, ex­plains, “I u­sed to work for a fac­to­ry in A­li­ce Da­le and one day, w­hen I was lo­we­ring the net­ting ma­chi­ne, the clutch and the chain block slip­ped and just li­ke that I lost four of my fin­gers. I re­mem­ber that day so vi­vid­ly.

It is af­ter I he­a­led that I knew I wan­ted to – I nee­ded to – paint and I cho­se to not let that be my sto­ry.”

He said short­ly af­ter that li­fe-chan­ging in­ci­dent he mo­ved to Knys­na with Jock.

“Jock was al­ways with me. He had an a­ma­zing po­si­ti­ve spi­rit, throug­hout li­fe’s hurd­les he al­ways kept his tail wig­gling, so the le­ast I can do is ho­nour a friend who has been the­re for me through all my works,” said Keen­an.

The 65-y­e­ar-old is sel­ling his works in the form of pain­tings and pos­t­cards, and in­vi­tes lo­cals to “co­me ce­le­bra­te Jock with me”.

Mark Tay­lor of Knys­na Ca­fe is hel­ping Keen­an by pu­blis­hing and sho­w­ca­sing Keen­an’s works, pos­t­cards, cards and prints of his work. Keen­an’s art is a­vai­la­ble from Ca­fe Knys­na.

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At his u­su­al spot is Bry­an Keen­an at Wood­mill La­ne. He in­vi­tes lo­cals to go and see so­me of his works.

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