W­hen class­rooms be­co­me dor­mi­to­ries

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how can you ex­pect a child to ex­cel un­der ex­am con­di­ti­ons? How can you ex­pect to a­chie­ve a good pass ra­te?” It is the­re­fo­re that staff at the s­chool de­ci­ded to in­tro­du­ce the ma­tric camp pro­gram­me.

Ty­ont­wa­na ex­plai­ned that in the ru­nup and du­ring the ex­ams, all 85 ma­tri­cs and te­a­chers li­ve at s­chool. “We ha­ve trans­for­med class­rooms in­to dorms and ha­ve cre­a­ted a sa­fe stu­dy en­vi­ron­ment for them. We ha­ve te­a­chers on hand to as­sist them with a­ny­thing they may need.”

She said the le­ar­ners are al­so fed the­re and gui­ded through the pre­pa­ra­ti­on pro­cess.

The pro­gram­me star­ted on 25 Oc­to­ber and will run until the ex­ams are con­clu­ded.

“We tru­ly be­lie­ve that this is the be­st chan­ce of brin­ging the be­st out of e­ach stu­dent and ul­ti­ma­te­ly rai­sing the ma­tric pass ra­te.” Ty­ont­wa­na said it was not e­a­sy to host the camp as funds we­re not re­a­di­ly a­vai­la­ble, but that the­re is a d­ri­ve by the P­lett com­mu­ni­ty to sup­port the s­chool.

Se­ver­al re­si­dents ha­ve set up col­lecti­on points w­he­re food and ot­her i­tems can be drop­ped off. One of the­se points is at the Be­a­con I­sle K­wikS­par.

S­hould a­nyo­ne li­ke to sup­port the s­chool in any way or ma­ke a fi­nan­ci­al con­tri­bu­ti­on, the s­chool can be con­tacted on 044 533 3193. Whi­le thou­sands of le­ar­ners a­cross South A­fri­ca ha­ve retre­a­ted to the stu­dies and ta­ken their spots be­hind their de­sks with their books to pre­pa­re for this y­e­ar’s ma­tric ex­ams, the­re are so­me who don’t ha­ve the luxu­ry of doing just that.

For most le­ar­ners at Mur­ray High S­chool in K­wa­no­kut­hu­la, P­let­ten­berg Bay it is ne­ar im­pos­si­ble to buckle do­wn and stu­dy due to a wi­de ran­ge of chal­len­ging ci­r­cum­stan­ces. The s­chool and its te­a­chers ha­ve, ho­we­ver, re­cog­ni­sed this and jum­ped in to help with a u­ni­que “ma­tric prep camp”.

One of the de­ve­lo­pers of this pro­gram­me, te­a­cher A­na­thi Ty­ont­wa­na, ex­plai­ned that ma­ny of the stu­dents li­ve in po­ver­ty­stric­ken a­re­as and of­ten end up li­ving next to she­beens or ta­verns. “The­re­fo­re they very ra­re­ly ha­ve a mo­ment of pe­a­ce and qui­et to stu­dy,” Ty­ont­wa­na said.

A­not­her chal­len­ge for ma­ny is their li­ving spa­ces. “So­me of the le­ar­ners li­ve in RDP ho­mes and of­ten s­ha­re a sin­gle room with all their fa­mi­ly mem­bers. So a­gain, fin­ding a mo­ment to con­cen­tra­te on stu­dying is ne­ar im­pos­si­ble.” Ha­ving a nu­tri­ti­ous me­al to fu­el not on­ly their bo­dies but al­so their minds, is al­so of­ten lacking.

“If you are fa­ced with the­se chal­len­ges,

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A­bout 85 le­ar­ners from Mur­ray High S­chool in P­let­ten­berg Bay are par­ti­ci­pa­ting in a “ma­tric prep camp” at the s­chool. Du­ring the run-up and the cour­se of the ex­ams, the le­ar­ners li­ve at the s­chool with te­a­chers on hand to as­sist them with stu­dying.

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