I­co­nic Knys­na art gal­le­ry turns 20

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Knys­na Fi­ne Art, the ol­dest gal­le­ry in to­wn, will be sho­w­ca­sing mo­re than a hund­red works by 80 ar­tis­ts, ran­ging from sculp­tu­re, pain­tings, dra­wings, ce­ra­mi­cs, e­t­c­hings and mo­re, for the gal­le­ry’s 20-y­e­ar birt­hday ce­le­bra­to­ry exhi­bi­ti­on next week.

This pres­ti­gi­ous gal­le­ry, which o­pe­ra­tes from T­he­sen Hou­se, is an i­con which, throug­hout the y­e­ars, car­ved its way not on­ly in­to lo­cal he­arts but al­so tho­se of its in­ter­na­ti­o­nal clien­te­le.

The birt­hday bash-cum-exhi­bi­ti­on will be on T­hurs­day 9 No­vem­ber at 18:00.

O­w­ner T­rent Re­ad has o­ver 40 y­e­ars’ ex­pe­rien­ce and is con­si­de­red an ex­pert in his field.

He said that despi­te the fi­res the to­wn has still so much to be gra­te­ful for and ce­le­bra­te. “We are plan­ning an e­ve­ning of com­ple­te splen­dour with a­ma­zing new art­works cre­a­ted es­pe­ci­al­ly for this exhi­bi­ti­on. We ha­ve ma­jor ar­tis­ts co­ming from all o­ver the coun­try and, of cour­se, we’ll al­so be sho­w­ca­sing lo­cals as well.”

He said pe­op­le can look for­ward to li­ve mu­sic from A­fro Qu­ar­tez and that the­re will al­so be a R5 000 lucky draw.

Re­ad said, “The ar­tis­ts re­al­ly pul­led it out of the bag this ti­me a­round.”

A­not­her e­vent worth ce­le­bra­ting, says Re­ad, is the ap­point­ment of the gal­le­ry’s new cu­ra­tor Cor­lie de Kock, who bo­as­ts a BA fi­ne arts de­gree from S­tel­len­bosch U­ni­ver­si­ty and al­so ma­de the top four du­ring the San­lam Por­trait Com­pe­ti­ti­on in Au­gust this y­e­ar. “She joins our te­am with her vi­si­on and ex­pe­rien­ce and we’re ex­ci­ted to ha­ve her.”

The ar­tis­ts w­ho­se work will be sho­w­ca­sed will at­tend the birt­hday ce­le­bra­ti­on.

So­me of the fa­mi­li­ar na­mes to look for­ward to are Li­o­nel S­mit, P­hil­le­mon Hlung­wa­ni, De­bo­rah Bell, Lu­cin­da Mud­ge, Gra­ce Da Costa, Carl Ro­berts and ma­ny mo­re, in­clu­ding new ta­lent.

Nhlanhla Nhla­po is a­not­her ar­tist w­ho­se work will be on dis­play.

This work tit­led Ho­pe by Ja­co Sie­be­ra­chen will be on show at Knys­na Fi­ne Art gal­le­ry on T­hurs­day 9 No­vem­ber. P­ho­tos: Sup­p­lied

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