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Sum­mus U­nus (We are One) by Flo­ri­an Jun­ge is a li­fe-si­ze e­ques­tri­an sculp­tu­re with Ara­bi­an at­tri­bu­tes, cre­a­ted out of re­clai­med and gal­va­ni­zed steel – so­me com­po­nents e­ven being stir­rups and horses­hoes.

It is cur­rent­ly on view at the Con­rad Pe­zu­la Ho­tel in Knys­na. W­hen one looks out from the ho­tel to­wards the ex­pan­si­ve la­goon, the sculp­tu­re is po­si­ti­o­ned in the wa­ter fe­a­tu­re and the sun sets beyond it.

Jun­ge is a self-taug­ht South A­fri­can sculp­tor ba­sed in K­wa­zu­luNa­tal. He works pre­do­mi­nant­ly with re­clai­med steel and is re­no­w­ned for his li­fe-si­ze horse sculp­tu­res. His art­works are in a num­ber of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal col­lecti­ons.

He ex­plains, “This sculp­tu­re is a­bout sy­ner­gy be­t­ween horse and man. A high, in­ter­nal and unspo­ken com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. To de­pict this, man has al­most mel­ted in­to the horse (as op­po­sed to ri­ding it and trying to do­mi­na­te), look­ing in the sa­me di­recti­on, both are part of the sa­me flow.

“Sum­mus U­nus cap­tu­res ‘that so­mething’ which not on­ly horse lo­vers ex­pe­rien­ce in li­fe. One of the re­a­sons why it is so va­lu­a­ble to ha­ve such a sculp­tu­re in our midst is that it has u­ni­ver­sal ap­pe­al. E­very vie­wer has access to, in this ca­se, ‘the free­dom we all de­si­re’ but don’t ne­ces­sa­ri­ly ha­ve. In my YouTu­be vi­deo Flo­ri­an Jun­ge Sculp­tu­re – Free­dom Horse, I dis­cuss this furt­her.”

This is the per­fect e­ques­tri­an sculp­tu­re for an e­li­te and e­le­gant li­fe­sty­le and is for sa­le via iA­fri­caGal­le­ry, the pro­ject of lo­cal San­dy Bek­ker. – Staff re­por­ter * Con­tact San­dy on 072 460 4444 or san­dy@ia­fri­cagal­le­

Sum­mus U­nus by Flo­ri­an Jun­ge, cur­rent­ly on view at the Con­rad Pe­zu­la Ho­tel in Knys­na.

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