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S­her­ley Clar­ke, Knys­na: I do a lot of wal­king a­round Knyn­sa as a form of exe­r­ci­se and am sad­de­ned by the hu­ge a­mounts of lit­ter in all the streets. Mo­re dis­tres­sing is the sad sta­te of our sig­na­ge and the u­nat­ten­ded fen­cing al­ong the rai­l­way li­ne be­hind La­gu­na Gro­ve and al­ong Wa­ter­front D­ri­ve. The fen­ces are bro­ken, the wood rot­ten, and the bar­bed wi­re an ac­ci­dent wai­ting to hap­pen. Half of the fen­cing is lying on the ground and if a dog or s­mall child gets caug­ht up in the wi­re it will rip their flesh to pie­ces.

The train no lon­ger runs so w­hat is the pur­po­se of the wood and fen­cing? Why not re­mo­ve it all and cle­an up this a­rea? It’s the en­tran­ce to the wa­ter­front and the Pro­tea ho­tel w­he­re hu­ge num­bers of tou­ris­ts ar­ri­ve and le­a­ve our to­wn.

A sug­ges­ti­on for the old rai­l­way sta­ti­on would be to cle­an it up, get rid of the three co­a­ches which are slo­w­ly dis­in­te­gra­ting, and turn it in­to a tou­rist at­tracti­on with arts and crafts, a cof­fee shop, a tou­rist in­fo ki­osk, etc. So much could be do­ne with that a­rea; inste­ad it’s a dump.

En­coura­ge shop o­w­ners and hou­se­holds to pick up lit­ter out­si­de their own es­ta­blishments and ho­mes, to paint and ta­ke pri­de in the out­si­de of their buil­dings.

I would be hap­py to get in­vol­ved with a group of li­ke-min­ded lo­cals who would li­ke to see our to­wn grow and de­ve­lop in­to one of the cle­a­nest and most at­tracti­ve towns on the Gar­den Rou­te.

Ed no­te: Re­a­ders who are on the sa­me pa­ge as S­her­ley Clar­ke can send let­ters, which we will for­ward to her.

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