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Miss South A­fri­ca, Gar­den Rou­te lo­cal De­mi-Leigh Nel-Pe­ters, will be ta­king a part of Knys­na's he­art with her to the Miss U­ni­ver­se pa­ge­ant at the end of No­vem­ber.

Jo­han Nel of Knys­na Wood­wor­kers was com­mis­si­o­ned to cre­a­te a mas­ter­pie­ce for Jack F­ried­man Je­wel­lers, to de­sign and craft an ex­tra­or­di­na­ry and spe­ci­al pre­sen­ta­ti­on box to sho­w­ca­se the na­ti­o­nal gift to the Miss U­ni­ver­se 2017 pa­ge­ant.

The box is to hold a su­perb pie­ce of je­wel­le­ry in­spi­red by the Na­ma­qua­land dai­sies.

Nel ex­plains the vi­si­on be­hind the box: "My man­da­te was that the box had to be in the shape of A­fri­ca and al­so re­pre­sent the de­va­sta­ting fi­res of Knys­na on 7 Ju­ne. "Ho­ward Fe­vrier (of F­ried­man Je­wel­lers) ga­ve me cer­tain spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons as to w­hat he wan­ted, but I was al­so gi­ven cre­a­ti­ve li­cen­ce to de­ve­lop it in­to so­mething to­tal­ly u­ni­que.

"In choo­sing the wood, the­re was this one par­ti­cu­lar pie­ce of oak that caug­ht my at­ten­ti­on, as in how the grain and the cracks in the wood fell in­to pla­ce.

The cracks to me re­pre­sen­ted the fi­re and the sil­ver I u­sed in the cracks re­pre­sents Knys­na’s com­mu­ni­ty spi­rit as it ri­ses from the as­hes to re­build to so­mething e­ven bet­ter. It was this pie­ce of a on­ce-gre­at tree that was burnt to ne­ar co­al that I re­ha­bi­li­ta­ted and han­d­craf­ted in­to the pre­sen­ta­ti­on box u­sed to hou­se the na­ti­o­nal gift," ex­plains Nel. “This is a very sen­ti­men­tal pie­ce of art to me,” says Miss South A­fri­ca.

"She is from Knys­na’s neig­hbou­ring town of Sed­ge­field, and we are all very proud of her. W­hat al­so ma­kes this box so spe­ci­al is that it was from one of the oak trees plan­ted by Knys­na school­child­ren du­ring Qu­een Vic­to­ria’s Gol­den Ju­bi­lee on 24 May 1887," ex­plain the je­wel­lers. "The je­wel­le­ry pie­ce was de­sig­ned by the Jack F­ried­man te­am in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with De­mi-Leigh, con­tains South A­fri­can gold and di­a­monds, and was in­spi­red by the Na­ma­qua­land dai­sies, one of our coun­try’s na­tu­ral won­ders.

This y­e­ar’s gift is to re­pre­sent the be­st of South A­fri­can na­tu­ral re­sour­ces, in­clu­ding its in­cre­di­bly ta­len­ted and cre­a­ti­ve pe­op­le."

Such a pre­ci­ous pie­ce of je­wel­le­ry de­ser­ved a spe­ci­al pre­sen­ta­ti­on box, says Fe­vrier. "Ta­ta is en­gra­ved on the so­lid 18-ca­rat gold sur­fa­ce, which re­ads 'The gre­a­test glo­ry in li­ving lies not in ne­ver fal­ling, but in ri­sing e­very ti­me we fall.'

A quo­te by the la­te Nel­son Man­de­la. This says it all."

This y­e­ar the jud­ging of Miss U­ni­ver­se will ta­ke pla­ce on 26 No­vem­ber in the ci­ty of Las Ve­gas, Ne­va­da, USA.

P­ho­to: Cour­te­sy Jack F­ried­man Je­wel­lers

Miss South A­fri­ca De­mi-Leigh Nel-Pe­ters with Ho­ward Fe­vrier of Jack F­ried­man Je­wel­lers, to­get­her proud­ly hol­ding up South A­fri­ca’s na­ti­o­nal gift to the Miss U­ni­ver­se pa­ge­ant – a pie­ce of je­wel­le­ry in­spi­red by the Na­ma­qua­land dai­sies, and beau­ti­ful­ly dis­play­ed he­re in its pre­sen­ta­ti­on box ma­de by Jo­han Nel.

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

Knys­na lo­cal Jo­han Nel cre­a­ted the box for the pie­ce of je­wel­le­ry that will ac­com­pa­ny Miss South A­fri­ca De­mi-Leigh Nel-Pe­ters to Las Ve­gas in A­me­ri­ca for the Miss U­ni­ver­se pa­ge­ant on 26 No­vem­ber.

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