Two Knys­na sis­ters with big he­arts

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Bay­ley and B­ri­an­na S­muts de­ci­ded to plan a com­mu­ni­ty out­re­ach pro­ject to help child­ren who had lost their toys in the re­cent Knys­na fi­res. They re­cei­ved ge­ne­rous do­na­ti­ons from their friends in ot­her parts of South A­fri­ca and ma­de up dif­fe­rent packa­ges for the dif­fe­rent a­ges of child­ren.

You can i­ma­gi­ne the sur­pri­se and ex­ci­te­ment w­hen the two sis­ters, who are Oak­hill le­ar­ners, ar­ri­ved on 28 Sep­tem­ber to hand out t­he­se pre­ci­ous i­tems to the child­ren at S­tep­ping S­to­nes and Ri­ver­wood, es­pe­ci­al­ly just be­fo­re the s­chool ho­li­days. Thank you for bles­sing the child­ren with t­he­se ge­ne­rous gif­ts. –

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The child­ren at S­tep­ping S­to­nes and Ri­ver­wood P­ri­ma­ry we de­lig­h­ted with their gif­ts. Front from left: Hugo Vor­ster, Hun­ter Har­tung, B­ri­an­na S­muts, K­ha­zim­la M­si­zi and Leo Vor­ster. Back: Ge­ne Vil­joen, I­vi­we Nt­lo­ko, Bay­ley S­muts, Ja­de Har­tung and Jen­na-Lee Kapp.

Bay­ley and B­ri­an­na S­muts com­man­dee­red friends from all o­ver the coun­try to con­tri­bu­te to their worthy i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve of col­lecting toys for child­ren who lost theirs in the Ju­ne fi­res.

A per­so­nal tou­ch from the two sis­ters who star­ted the i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve.

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