New s­chool o­pens in P­lett – of­fi­ci­al­ly

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The Ba­hia For­mo­sa s­chool in P­let­ten­berg Bay, which has been o­pe­ra­ting for the past two y­e­ars, was of­fi­ci­al­ly o­pe­ned re­cent­ly.

On T­hurs­day 19 Oc­to­ber it was the of­fi­ci­al cut­ting of the rib­bon and un­vei­ling of the pla­que, by s­chool foun­der Guy Wert­heim Ay­mes.

The s­chool, which has gro­wn in the past two y­e­ars to 113 le­ar­ners be­t­ween Gra­des RR and Gra­de 7, of­fers in­di­vi­du­a­li­sed at­ten­ti­on, small clas­ses, the na­ti­o­nal CAPS cur­ri­cu­lum, and has an ef­fi­cient te­am led by di­rec­tor Fran­cois Lom­bard and p­rin­ci­pal Des­mond Le­o­nard.

It is not a pri­va­te s­chool, but a pu­blic in­de­pen­dent s­chool, and is the first one of its kind in P­lett.

Le­o­nard has been te­a­ching for the past four de­ca­des in dif­fe­rent ca­pa­ci­ties in­clu­ding being a he­ad­mas­ter,

Mr Ay­mes, who is 90 y­e­ars old and pas­si­o­na­te a­bout e­du­ca­ti­on, in his speech men­ti­o­ned this was the se­venth s­chool he star­ted. He is a strong dis­ci­pli­na­ri­an and spo­ke a­bout the cri­sis in e­du­ca­ti­on in our coun­try, es­pe­ci­al­ly in the a­rea of dis­ci­pli­ne, which Ba­hia For­mo­sa of­fers.

The gu­e­sts, which in­clu­ded Bi­tou ma­yor Pe­ter Lo­be­se, we­re ta­ken on a tour of the s­chool, en­ter­tai­ned by the s­chool c­hoir, and we­re then cha­pe­ro­ned to The Ger­man Re­stau­rant, w­he­re they we­re ad­dres­sed by the Bi­tou de­pu­ty ma­yor Jes­si­ca Kam­kam.

Ot­her dig­ni­ta­ries in­clu­ded coun­cil spea­ker An­ne­li­se O­li­vier and Bi­tou Ward 4 coun­cil­lor An­ne Wind­vo­gel. –

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At the o­pe­ning of the Ba­hia For­mo­sa s­chool was (from left) foun­der Mr Guy Wert­heim Ay­mes, Bi­tou de­pu­ty ma­yor Jes­si­ca Kam­kam, s­chool ad­mi­nis­tra­tor Fe­si­z­wa To­botsw­ha­ne, ma­yor Pe­ter Lo­be­se, s­chool di­rec­tor Fran­cois Lom­bard, and ne­w­ly e­lected s­chool p­rin­ci­pal Des­mond Le­o­nard.

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