Knys­na wo­man tops in SWD rug­by

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The SWD Rug­by U­ni­on held their an­nu­al Rug­by A­wards ga­la e­vent at the Wil­der­ness Ho­tel on 27 Oc­to­ber, w­hen va­ri­ous play­ers in the re­gi­on we­re ho­nou­red for out­stan­ding per­for­man­ces du­ring the 2017 rug­by se­a­son.

Mar­le­ne A­dams, a high-per­for­man­ce athle­te and cap­tain of the Ti­tans Wo­men’s Rug­by A­ca­de­my, re­cei­ved the a­ward as the be­st fe­ma­le for­ward rug­by play­er of the y­e­ar in SWD, af­ter she hel­ped the pro­vin­ci­al te­am to se­cu­re the 2017 SA Rug­by B-di­vi­si­on tit­le e­ar­lier this se­a­son.

A­dams has been playing rug­by for the past 10 y­e­ars for the Ti­tans and has re­pre­sen­ted SWD in both the 15s and 7s co­des. She al­so play­ed for EP Qu­eens du­ring the 2014 rug­by se­a­son.

Ac­cor­ding to Ti­tans di­rec­tor Aschin K­lein, A­dams is ra­ted as one of the be­st locks in A­fri­ca and should be c­lo­se to a call-up from the S­pring­bok trai­ning squad.

A­dams be­ca­me the go-to play­er this y­e­ar for the pro­vin­ci­al SWD EaGi­rls te­am, said K­lein, and was al­so a­war­ded the vi­ce­cap­tai­n­cy du­ring the 2017 se­a­son for the EaGi­rls.

“We are very proud of Mar­le­ne’s a­chie­vement. This does not co­me as a sur­pri­se as she has been per­for­ming very well on a con­stant ba­sis.

“Mar­le­ne has been wor­king hard be­hind the sce­nes, co­ming from a 12-hour shift at work and still fin­ding ti­me to do a 90-mi­nu­te gym ses­si­on and/or a field ses­si­on.

“I firm­ly be­lie­ve A­dams will be a hu­ge as­set for the S­pring­boks – li­ke Mathrin Sim­mers, who ca­me from our struc­tu­res.”

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Mar­le­ne A­dams with co­ach Aschin K­lein at the SWD a­wards ce­re­mo­ny, held in Wil­der­ness on 27 Oc­to­ber.

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