S­pe­ci­a­lis­ts char­ging ex­ces­si­ve­ly for rou­ti­ne me­di­cal vi­sits

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“Con­cer­ned re­a­der”, Knys­na: Re­cent­ly, I was re­fer­red to a spe­ci­a­list for a rou­ti­ne gyn­a­e­co­lo­gist ex­a­mi­na­ti­on and lab test be­cau­se I was sim­ply too em­bar­ras­sed to ha­ve my ma­le GP do it. I spent no mo­re than 15 or 20 mi­nu­tes in the con­sulting room of the spe­ci­a­list doc­tor. Within 24 hours I was ad­vi­sed by my me­di­cal aid that they would on­ly co­ver their max­i­mum for such a vi­sit, which is R600 of the R1 500 char­ged by the practi­ti­o­ner. The ba­lan­ce of al­most R900 I would ha­ve to sett­le per­so­nal­ly. The lab test was an ad­di­ti­o­nal R400 (co­ve­r­ed by the me­di­cal aid) which broug­ht a rou­ti­ne vi­sit to just on R2 000.

As a pen­si­o­ner, paying the dif­fe­ren­ce on the ac­count was a hu­ge stretch fi­nan­ci­al­ly.

I just won­der how on e­arth I could be char­ged this a­mount for a rou­ti­ne vi­sit and it bot­hers me that this kind of ex­ces­si­ve char­ging is ex­act­ly why ma­ny, ma­ny wo­men do not un­der­go im­por­tant me­di­cal tes­ts.

I sug­ge­st pro­specti­ve fe­ma­le pa­tients get quo­tes from the me­di­cal practi­ti­o­ner be­fo­re they un­der­go any tes­ts.

I think this was the most shame­ful ex­am­ple of pa­tient ex­ploi­ta­ti­on I ha­ve e­ver co­me a­cross.

Or ha­ve I sim­ply lost tou­ch with the re­a­li­ties of me­di­cal ca­re for wo­men?

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