Fes­ti­val a big boost for lo­cal cha­ri­ties

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Lo­cal cha­ri­ties re­cei­ved a re­cord-bre­a­king mo­re than R260 000 from this y­e­ar’s Lei­su­re I­sle Fes­ti­val.

Fes­ti­val chair­man Ni­all John­ston said the or­ga­ni­sing com­mit­tee is de­lig­h­ted that e­ach y­e­ar it is a­ble to pro­vi­de in­cre­a­sing and much-nee­ded sup­port to the Knys­na com­mu­ni­ty. The com­mit­tee is very ple­a­sed to ha­ve rai­sed so­me R30 000 mo­re than last y­e­ar – it ma­kes all the hard work worthw­hi­le, one com­men­ted.

Se­ver­al of the cha­ri­ties we­re in­vol­ved in the fun­drai­sing, run­ning their own acti­vi­ties in­clu­ding the e’Pap beer tent and the Hos­pi­ce book­stall. The pro­ceeds of mo­nies rai­sed from the stand fees and 10% of e­ver­y­thing spent at the non­cha­ri­ty exhi­bi­tors are all being dis­tri­bu­ted to the ni­ne be­ne­fi­ting cha­ri­ties – Ver­mont Cen­t­re, Loe­rie­hof, Hos­pi­ce, e’Pap, Knys­na S­ports A­ca­de­my, Knys­na A­ni­mal Wel­fa­re, Ho­pe HQ, Knys­na Sea Ca­dets and S­teen­bok Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve.

And for on­ce the sun sho­ne throug­hout the two-day fes­ti­val which took pla­ce on 4 and 5 No­vem­ber, at­tracting lar­ge fes­ti­ve cro­wds who hap­pi­ly brow­sed the ma­ny stalls of qua­li­ty crafts and re­laxed in the sun en­joying the ma­ny dif­fe­rent ty­pes of food on of­fer. The fes­ti­val of­fe­red a gre­at day out for fa­mi­lies and the­re we­re re­cord cro­wds on both the Sa­tur­day and Sun­day.

The first fes­ti­val was held in 2003 w­hen it rai­sed just R2 000 for cha­ri­ties – the gro­wth sin­ce then to the R260 000 rai­sed this y­e­ar has been phe­no­me­nal, said John­ston. This, he said, is en­ti­re­ly due to the ge­n­ero­si­ty of lo­cal pe­op­le and the ma­ny spon­sors.

John­ston paid tri­bu­te to le­ad spon­sors Lew Gef­fen Sot­he­bys, for their con­ti­nu­ed all-im­por­tant sup­port and to the ma­ny ot­her spon­sors who ma­ke it pos­si­ble for the fes­ti­val to rai­se so much mo­ney for cha­ri­ty, in­clu­ding Tim­ber Vil­la­ge, Mit­chell’s B­re­we­ry, E­agle Lig­hting, All­sound Se­cu­ri­ty, South Ca­pe Toi­lets, Pa­ra­di­se4Buil­ders, Form­s­caff and Man­bou Con­structi­on. The full list of spon­sors is gi­ven el­se­w­he­re in the me­dia and the fes­ti­val web­si­te. –

The Lei­su­re I­sle Fes­ti­val on 4 and 5 No­vem­ber of­fe­red a gre­at day out for fa­mi­lies.

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