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W­hi­le it mig­ht sound daun­ting to most to run through a fo­rest in the midd­le of the nig­ht, a group of ad­ven­tu­rous trail run­ners did just that as part of the Bu­co Ad­ven­tu­re Nig­hts trail run on Sa­tur­day 18 No­vem­ber.

A­bout 200 run­ners took their pla­ces on the star­ting li­ne at the Har­ker­vil­le Fo­rest Lod­ge just out­si­de P­let­ten­berg Bay at a­bout 19:00 – just as the sun star­ted di­sap­pea­ring on the ho­ri­zon – to tackle this chal­len­ge.

E­ach run­ner was e­quip­ped with a he­ad torch and a few ot­her sa­fe­ty ne­ces­si­ties to as­sist them al­ong the trail, which in­clu­ded so­me dirt ro­ad secti­ons, sing­le­track through the fo­rest, a few steep uphills and b­rid­ge cros­sings.

Or­ga­ni­ser Ja­mes S­tewart said this was the fourth ti­me the e­vent was hos­ted and was or­ga­ni­sed by the Bu­co Ad­ven­tu­re Ra­cing te­am. “The re­a­son why we de­ci­ded to host such an e­vent is to gi­ve a s­mall win­dow of w­hat it is li­ke out the­re w­hen we do our ra­ces,” S­tewart said.

“We cre­a­te ex­po­su­re from the­se e­vents as ad­ven­tu­re ra­cing is not re­al­ly a spec­ta­tor sport so it’s gi­ving back to all our lo­cal sup­por­ters as well.”

In the past the e­vent on­ly in­clu­ded a 16km rou­te, but this y­e­ar or­ga­ni­sers in­tro­du­ced an 8km one as well. “We in­tro­du­ced it to o­pen up the ex­pe­rien­ce to mo­re pe­op­le as the 16km is a bit daun­ting for so­me. We al­so wan­ted to ma­ke su­re that all our sa­fe­ty pro­to­cols we­re in pla­ce and then ho­pe to grow the e­vent in the fu­tu­re.”

First a­cross the fi­nish li­ne in the 16km was Me­lik­ha­ya M­si­zi, who com­ple­ted the rou­te in 01:17:03. Se­cond was Ja­c­ques Mou­ton in 01:20:45.

The fi­nal spot on the po­di­um went to Dun­can Ren­nie with a ti­me of 01:26:06.

The first wo­man to cross the li­ne was Sa­rah He­arn in a ti­me of 01:36:49, se­cond was An­ne­ma­rie Cron­je in 01:45:07 and t­hi­rd Jo Ma­cKen­zie in 01:50:54.

In the 8km e­vent Roy Fra­ser-Ma­cken­zie clai­med vic­to­ry with a ti­me of 00:48:00. A se­cond be­hind him was Mar­tin Fra­serMac­ken­zie, who was fol­lo­wed a se­cond la­ter by T­rent E­vans.

The first wo­man was Tes­sa Van S­chaik in 00:51:43, with Clai­re Randon rig­ht on her heels a se­cond la­ter. Su­zaan Groe­ne­wald fi­nis­hed t­hi­rd in a ti­me of 00:51:54.

“The ve­nue re­al­ly wor­ked for us and we be­lie­ve it would be a gre­at ve­nue for next y­e­ar’s e­vent.”

P­ho­to: G­lenn Mur­ray

A group of trail run­ners tackled the Bu­co Ad­ven­tu­re Nig­hts trail run on 18 No­vem­ber which in­vol­ved run­ning through the Har­ker­vil­le fo­rest out­si­de P­let­ten­berg Bay af­ter sunset.

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