‘Wa­ter woes will not ham­per fe­s­ti­ve se­a­son’

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The We­stern Ca­pe cur­rent­ly finds it­self in the grips of one of the worst droug­hts in ye­ars.

Despi­te this, Knys­na mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger Kam C­het­ty says it will in no way ham­per the town’s sum­mer se­a­son re­a­di­ness and Knys­na is de­fi­ni­te­ly “o­pen for bu­si­ness”.

“T­hanks to the R3.1-mil­li­on re­cei­ved from the We­stern Ca­pe pro­vin­ci­al go­vern­ment and for­ward plan­ning, we ha­ve put se­ver­al me­a­su­res in pla­ce to en­s­u­re that we do not run out of wa­ter du­ring the drier u­p­co­ming sum­mer se­a­son. We the­re­fo­re en­coura­ge and wel­co­me vi­si­tors to G­re­a­ter Knys­na.

The mu­ni­ci­pal techni­cal te­am has se­ver­al short-term in­ter­ven­ti­ons in pla­ce to as­sist with the cur­rent wa­ter scar­ci­ty. T­he­se in­clu­de the C­har­les­ford pi­peli­ne con­structi­on that will, on­ce com­ple­ted, in­cre­a­se the pum­ping ca­pa­ci­ty to Knys­na’s off-chan­nel Ak­ker­kloof Dam.

G­re­a­ter Knys­na furt­her ma­kes use of al­ter­na­te wa­ter re­sour­ces such as Knys­na’s re­ver­se os­mo­sis and Sed­ge­field’s desa­li­na­ti­on plants, the Bi­gai s­pring and nu­me­rous bo­re­ho­les in both Knys­na and Sed­ge­field.

The a­rea re­cent­ly re­cei­ved sig­ni­fi­cant rain­fall re­sulting in both the Gou­na and Knys­na ri­vers flo­wing on­ce a­gain. This has play­ed a sig­ni­fi­cant ro­le in the ba­lan­cing G­le­be dam being 40% and the Ak­ker­kloof stora­ge dam 42% full.

Despi­te the in­cre­a­se in the le­vels of the stora­ge dams, G­re­a­ter Knys­na re­mains on Le­vel 3 wa­ter re­stricti­ons. This me­ans the fol­lo­wing:

• The use of ho­se­pi­pes for gar­de­ning, wa­shing of cars and bo­ats and ot­her pur­po­ses, and the use of ir­ri­ga­ti­on sy­s­tems are pro­hi­bi­ted.

• Do­mes­tic con­sump­ti­on is li­mi­ted to 20kl per hou­se­hold per month. Wa­ter-re­stricting/ ma­na­ge­ment de­vi­ces will be in­stal­led for trans­gres­sors.

• A­re­as w­he­re hou­se­holds re­cei­ve a f­ree ba­sic wa­ter al­lo­ca­ti­on will be li­mi­ted to 6kl per hou­se­hold per month (200 lit­res per hou­se­hold per day).

• Bu­si­ness con­sump­ti­on is re­du­ced by 30% on the pre­vi­ous y­e­ar’s monthly a­vera­ge con­sump­ti­on, ex­cept car was­hes. Wa­ter-re­stricting/ ma­na­ge­ment de­vi­ces will be in­stal­led for trans­gres­sors.

• The con­structi­on in­du­stry, car was­hes and nur­se­ries must use al­ter­na­te wa­ter sour­ce.

• Sta­ge 2 droug­ht ta­riff is ap­pli­ca­ble.

• He­alth and Cor­recti­o­nal fa­ci­li­ties to in­stall own tanks that will be fil­led by mu­ni­ci­pal tan­ker.

• Flow re­stric­tors be in­stal­led in all stand­pi­pes.

• Pen­al­ties will be is­su­ed for vi­o­la­ti­ons of any of the a­bo­ve.

It must be no­ted that ac­cor­ding to the coun­cil re­so­lu­ti­on of 11 Au­gust 2017, the ma­yor, in con­sul­ta­ti­on with the port­fo­lio coun­cil­lor for techni­cal ser­vi­ces, the mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger and the di­rec­tor of techni­cal ser­vi­ces ap­pro­ve the mo­vement be­t­ween re­stricti­on le­vels, and ha­ve re­sol­ved that Le­vel 3 wa­ter re­stricti­ons re­main in pla­ce.

“As the u­su­al drier sum­mer mont­hs are s­till lying a­he­ad, we we­re furt­her cau­ti­o­ned by pro­vin­ci­al go­vern­ment not to re­lax our wa­ter re­stricti­on and our con­ser­va­ti­on ma­na­ge­ment,” said C­het­ty.

In clo­sing, the mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger ur­ges re­si­dents and vi­si­tors to con­ti­nue to use wa­ter spa­ringly re­gard­less of the re­cent rain­fall and the pro­acti­ve me­a­su­res ta­ken by the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty. “It is of ut­most im­por­tan­ce that the re­si­dents, bu­si­ness and tou­ris­ts re­main pro­acti­ve in their en­de­a­vours to sa­ve and re­du­ce their wa­ter con­sump­ti­on. I thank each and e­very one who is ta­king this droug­ht se­ri­ous­ly and has ma­de wa­ter con­ser­va­ti­on part of their dai­ly li­ves,” C­het­ty said.

“Alt­hough we are re­a­dy for the fe­s­ti­ve se­a­son, our Le­vel 3 wa­ter re­stricti­ons re­main in pla­ce and we ur­ge e­ver­yo­ne to ad­he­re to t­he­se.” –

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