My­ers and Wil­lem­se ap­pe­al could ta­ke y­e­ars

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In news that is li­ke­ly to ma­ke de­trac­tors of Knys­na ma­yor Mark Wil­lem­se and Ward 10 coun­cil­lor Pe­ter My­ers lap­se in­to a sta­te of chro­nic me­lan­cho­ly, the two ha­ve sta­ted their in­ten­ti­on to ap­pe­al the mis­con­duct ver­dict broug­ht a­gainst them by the DA.

The ap­pe­al pro­cess to o­ver­turn the ru­ling could ta­ke mont­hs, a y­e­ar or e­ven lon­ger to be fi­na­li­sed. The two "ro­gue" DA mem­bers had until last F­ri­day to accept sancti­ons, which in­clu­ded that Wil­lem­se re­sign from his po­si­ti­on and My­ers be re­mo­ved from the ma­yo­ral com­mit­tee.

The acti­ons a­gainst the two coun­cil­lors fol­low a coun­cil meet­ing on 6 Ju­ne 2018, w­hen for­mer ma­yor E­le­a­nor Bouw-S­pies was ou­sted and Wil­lem­se vo­ted in­to her po­si­ti­on. Wil­lem­se and My­ers vo­ted with the ANC to re­mo­ve Bouw-S­pies as ma­yor – which led to the dis­ci­pli­na­ry acti­on being ta­ken a­gainst them. Both Wil­lem­se and My­ers main­tain that they vo­ted with their con­s­cien­ce.

My­ers said this week that he and Wil­lem­se ha­ve re­que­sted re­cor­dings of their dis­ci­pli­na­ry he­a­ring held a month ago for transcrip­ti­on be­fo­re sub­mit­ting writ­ten ar­gu­ments to the DA's fe­de­ral le­gal com­mis­si­on (FLC) for con­si­de­ra­ti­on. On­ly then will an ap­pe­al da­te be set. “This could ta­ke pla­ce in a­bout six weeks; we de­fi­ni­te­ly ex­pect an out­co­me be­fo­re the end of the y­e­ar. Should our ap­pe­al fail, we ha­ve ot­her a­ve­nues o­pen to us for ap­pe­al,” he said, ad­ding that going to the FLC was the fi­nal in­ter­nal pro­cess of the DA, and should their ap­pe­al succeed, no­ne of the sancti­ons would ap­ply. “If they ru­le a­gainst us, we will then ap­pro­ach to the high court,” he said.

My­ers rei­te­ra­ted that he and Wil­lem­se are com­mit­ted DA mem­bers and the acti­on a­gainst them would not dis­coura­ge them to le­a­ve the par­ty. “We be­lie­ve in w­hat we are doing.”

My­ers said he does not ru­le out re­a­ching a pos­si­ble de­al with the DA, to re­sol­ve the mat­ter wit­hout ha­ving to go through all the trou­ble of he­a­rings and the ap­pe­al pro­ces­ses.

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