G­reen­wood Bay le­ar­ner shoots for the stars


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Young Hen­drik Booy­sen has the wor­ld at his feet af­ter sco­ring straig­ht As in the Cam­brid­ge In­ter­na­ti­o­nal AS ex­ams.

His re­mar­ka­ble per­for­man­ce (IT 86%, che­mi­stry 85%, phy­si­cs 87%, mat­he­ma­ti­cs 88%) is all the mo­re as­to­nis­hing be­cau­se he op­ted to wri­te his fi­nal ex­ams six mont­hs e­ar­lier than he had o­ri­gi­nal­ly plan­ned.

Hen­drik joi­ned G­reen­wood Bay Col­le­ge in 2016 and so en­joy­ed the le­ar­ning en­vi­ron­ment that w­hen his pa­rents had to mo­ve to Gau­teng for work re­a­sons, he op­ted to stay be­hind rat­her than trans­fer to a­not­her s­chool.

He na­mes Se­an Col­lins, his s­cien­ce te­a­cher up to the end of last y­e­ar, as the per­son who most in­flu­en­ced his a­ca­de­mic ca­reer.

"Se­an was re­al­ly in­spi­ra­ti­o­nal and I re­al­ly li­ked the s­chool's fo­cus on a­ca­de­mic ex­cel­len­ce. I've been to 12 ot­her schools o­ver the y­e­ars so I reckon I'm a qua­li­fied jud­ge by now," he jo­ked.

A­sked w­hat the se­cret of his per­for­man­ce was, Hen­drik ex­plai­ned that he has al­ways been a go­al-o­rien­ted per­son. He claims to be sin­gle-min­ded, but he has wi­de-ran­ging in­te­re­sts and hob­bies.

He is a keen sports­man, playing squash, ten­nis and hoc­key, and is a com­pe­ti­ti­ve run­ner. In ad­di­ti­on, he plays the guit­ar and is an a­vid re­a­der.

Hen­drik isn't qui­te fi­nis­hed with s­chool, ho­we­ver – he is pus­hing on with full A le­vels and plans to stu­dy o­ver­se­as be­fo­re pur­suing a ca­reer in a­e­ro­nau­ti­cal en­gi­neer­ing. –

Hen­drik Booy­sen.

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