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If you ha­ve e­ver been cu­ri­ous a­bout w­hat it is li­ke to be blas­ted in­to spa­ce and to li­ve and work in a shutt­le whi­le or­bi­ting the e­arth, an u­p­co­ming tour by an as­tro­naut is not to be mis­sed.

Af­ter a brief vi­sit last y­e­ar, for­mer Na­sa as­tro­naut Dr Don T­ho­mas will be re­tur­ning to South A­fri­ca for the Li­ving Mat­hs Spa­ce Tour 2018, and will be ap­pea­ring at Knys­na Pri­ma­ry S­chool on F­ri­day 21 Sep­tem­ber from 18:00 to 19:30.

Du­ring his 20 y­e­ars at Na­sa, in­clu­ding four his­to­ric shutt­le mis­si­ons, Dr T­ho­mas log­ged o­ver 1 040 hours of ad­ven­tu­ring in spa­ce and com­ple­ted 692 or­bits of the e­arth.

S­te­ve S­her­man, chief i­ma­gi­na­ti­on of­fi­cer at Li­ving Mat­hs, says, “Af­ter wit­nes­sing the ex­ci­te­ment and cu­ri­o­si­ty that Dr T­ho­mas’ last vi­sit s­par­ked a­bout spa­ce we wan­ted to bring him back, to spre­ad that ent­hu­si­asm to mo­re parts of the coun­try. This is a u­ni­que op­por­tu­ni­ty to in­spi­re young South A­fri­cans a­bout s­cien­ce, techno­lo­gy, en­gi­neer­ing and mat­hs, and ho­pe­ful­ly ig­ni­te li­fe­long pas­si­ons in the­se sub­jects.”

Dr T­ho­mas’ “Li­ving and Wor­king in Spa­ce” pre­sen­ta­ti­on ta­kes the au­dien­ce on his jour­ney to be­co­ming an as­tro­naut and al­lows them to share the fun and ex­ci­te­ment of being in spa­ce, fo­cu­sing on the thrills of the launch, how as­tro­nauts eat, sleep, and exe­r­ci­se, the in­fa­mous spa­ce a­blu­ti­ons, and sharing the beau­ty and fra­gi­li­ty of our pla­net that he ex­pe­rien­ced and saw first­hand whi­le or­bi­ting e­arth.

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For­mer Na­sa as­tro­naut Dr Don T­ho­mas.

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