The do-it-your­self gig

If you are one of tho­se who still in­sist on ma­king your grand­mot­her fro­wn - he­re­with so­me poin­ters to keep in mind if you de­ci­de to grow your own.

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You can grow dag­ga in any pri­va­te spa­ce – but it’s not yet cle­ar w­he­re that would be.

The jud­ge­ment spe­ci­fi­cal­ly sta­tes that dag­ga could be cul­ti­va­ted in any pri­va­te spa­ce – not just at your ho­me or in a pri­va­te dwel­ling.

“An ex­am­ple of cul­ti­va­ti­on of can­na­bis in a pri­va­te pla­ce is the gar­den of one’s re­si­den­ce. It may al­so be that one may cul­ti­va­te it in a pla­ce ot­her than in one’s gar­den if that pla­ce can be said to be a pri­va­te pla­ce,” the ru­ling says.

You are al­lo­wed to grow dag­ga in­si­de a pro­per­ty.

“It may or may not be that it can al­so be gro­wn in­si­de an en­clo­su­re or a room un­der cer­tain ci­r­cum­stan­ces,” the Con­sti­tu­ti­o­nal Court ru­ling sta­tes.

You can get ar­res­ted for buying seeds or plants to grow dag­ga.

The new ru­ling cle­ar­ly sta­tes that on­ly the pri­va­te con­sump­ti­on of dag­ga is al­lo­wed – you are not al­lo­wed to sell or buy dag­ga from anyo­ne.

You pro­ba­bly won’t need g­reen fin­gers – but fish poo could help.

Gro­wing them ind­oors in buc­kets is al­so an op­ti­on, ho­we­ver, can­na­bis needs a lot of lig­ht to grow. So­me gro­wers use fish was­te, from an a­qua­ri­um, to help fer­ti­li­se the soil. T­his na­tu­ral fer­ti­li­ser is much mo­re effective than re­gu­lar fer­ti­li­ser and pro­vi­des good nu­trients to his stock.

You can still get ar­res­ted for gro­wing dag­ga.

Fol­lo­wing the ru­ling, par­li­a­ment still has to ma­ke a de­ci­si­on on the quan­ti­ty of dag­ga that a­dults would be al­lo­wed to grow.

For now, ac­cor­ding to the ru­ling, the po­li­ce could still ar­rest you if they ha­ve a re­a­so­na­ble sus­pi­ci­on that the dag­ga that you are gro­wing is not on­ly for your own con­sump­ti­on.

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