Cur­rying fla­vour with Du­bai gour­mets

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A P­let­ten­berg Bay chef is on her way to Abu D­ha­bi w­he­re she will gi­ve the rest of the wor­ld a tas­te of South A­fri­ca.

Mar­tha Wil­li­ams, chef at the 5-star The P­let­ten­berg Ho­tel, has been in­vi­ted to cook at the Ca­pe Ma­lay Food Fe­s­ti­val at Vas­co’s, Hil­ton in Abu D­ha­bi from 28 Sep­tem­ber to 6 Oc­to­ber. She will not on­ly pre­sent de­li­ci­ous South A­fri­can re­ci­pes, but will do so in her u­ni­que Ca­pe Ma­lay cook­ing sty­le.

Wil­li­ams says she is very ex­ci­ted to share her pas­si­on with ot­hers, es­pe­ci­al­ly at an e­vent li­ke t­his.

“My ex­ci­te­ment starts w­hen the food starts. I’m a­round food all the ti­me, so I’m al­ways ex­ci­ted,” she says.

Du­ring the fe­s­ti­val she will pre­sent a spe­ci­al Ca­pe Ma­lay me­nu that in­clu­des bo­bo­tie, to­ma­to bre­die (stew( and ma­sa­la fish. For de­sert she will con­ju­re up true South A­fri­can tre­ats in­clu­ding mal­va pud­ding and koek­sis­ters. She will al­so share her sto­ries and tell vi­si­tors mo­re a­bout her lo­ve for the Ca­pe Ma­lay cui­si­ne.

W­hi­le Wil­li­ams was born and rai­sed in P­let­ten­berg Bay, the self-taug­ht chef spent se­ver­al y­e­ars in Ca­pe To­wn in the Ca­pe Ma­lay com­mu­ni­ty w­he­re she pic­ked up her kit­chen s­kills, which she furt­her ho­ned w­hen she be­ca­me the he­ad chef at The Ca­pe Ma­lay Re­stau­rant in Ca­pe To­wn. It was Wil­li­ams’ in­na­te un­der­stan­ding of fla­vours and hard work that led to her pro­mo­ti­on as he­ad chef at the re­stau­rant.

The re­stau­rant be­ca­me a success, pro­ving po­pu­lar with both lo­cal and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal gue­sts, and Mar­tha es­ta­blis­hed an ex­cel­lent re­pu­ta­ti­on le­a­ding to her ul­ti­ma­te­ly being in­vi­ted to pre­sent her Ca­pe Ma­lay cu­li­na­ry s­kills at a num­ber of e­vents in South A­fri­ca and a­bro­ad. She has been to se­ver­al des­ti­na­ti­ons in­clu­ding Am­ster­dam, Ku­a­la Lum­pur, Hong Kong and Tai­pei.

Fol­lo­wing her success in Ca­pe To­wn, Wil­li­ams re­tur­ned to P­let­ten­berg Bay w­he­re she took o­ver as chef at The P­let­ten­berg.

Wil­li­ams says her fa­vou­ri­te food to pre­pa­re is that which re­flects her Ca­pe Ma­lay her­i­ta­ge, in­clu­ding bo­bo­tie, pickled fish and se­a­food pot­jie.

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The P­let­ten­berg Ho­tel chef Mar­tha Wil­li­ams is he­a­ding to Abu D­ha­bi to share with the wor­ld the tas­tes of Ca­pe Ma­lay cook­ing.

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