Na­ked bur­glar with big stick in K­ha­y­a­let­hu

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A K­ha­y­a­let­hu wo­man who wo­ke up to in­ves­ti­ga­te t­hings that go bang in the nig­ht last week was con­fron­ted by a na­ked man ‘’with a long thick stick’’.

On Mon­day 5 No­vem­ber at a­round 03:00, ho­me­o­w­ner and mot­her-of-two Sip­ho­ka­zi No­m­a­fe­je wo­ke up to noi­ses du­ring the e­ar­ly hours of the mor­ning but i­ni­ti­al­ly dis­mis­sed them, she told KPH t­his week. Af­ter look­ing at the ti­me she de­ci­ded to switch on the ge­y­ser – on­ly to dis­co­ver the na­ked in­tru­der stan­ding c­lo­se to the door in the loun­ge a­rea, with the door wi­de o­pen.

No­m­a­fe­je said the man had a thick and long pie­ce of wood on him and she grab­bed her six-y­e­ar-old son’s scoo­t­er toy to throw at him, but the man step­ped out­si­de and clo­sed the door – on­ly to o­pen it a­gain and walk back in­si­de. She said t­his ti­me a­round she re­a­ched out for her daug­h­ter’s tra­vel­ling cot hurl at him but t­his ti­me the man ran do­wn the stairs.

The young mot­her said that for a good w­hi­le she couldn’t see w­he­re the man went, on­ly to re­a­li­se that he had tried to get back in­to the hou­se, u­sing dif­fe­rent stai­r­ca­ses. “I wa­sn’t su­re w­he­re he went so I pic­ked up a pie­ce of wood, ran out­si­de and star­ted scre­a­ming for help.”

‘Com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers ran af­ter him’

No­m­a­fe­je de­tailed how com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers ca­me to her and that the men in the a­rea as­ked w­hat had hap­pe­ned.

“Af­ter I ex­plai­ned to them t­hey ran af­ter him and found him knocking at a­not­her hou­se in the a­rea and, ac­cor­ding to them, he star­ted thro­wing t­hings at them such as o­ven glo­ves – which we be­lie­ve he took from my ho­me,” said No­m­a­fe­je.

Mo­re pe­op­le ar­ri­ved, ap­pro­a­ched the na­ked man, ap­pre­hen­ded and as­saul­ted him. “I cal­led the po­li­ce and for the li­fe of me I couldn’t get through,” No­m­a­fe­je said. But e­ven­tu­al­ly she ma­na­ged to re­ach the po­li­ce who ar­ri­ved in two vehi­cles a­bout 20 mi­nu­tes la­ter, and found the man in a pool of b­lood.

The wo­man was shoc­ked to ha­ve fal­len victim to a bre­ak-in af­ter ha­ving li­ved in the com­mu­ni­ty for o­ver two y­e­ars, but was e­ven mo­re sur­pri­sed that the po­li­ce re­spon­ding to the in­ci­dent didn’t ta­ke a sta­te­ment from her.

No­m­a­fe­je then de­ci­ded to o­pen a ca­se a­gainst the po­li­ce who we­re on the sce­ne.

She said she did not o­pen a ca­se a­gainst the na­ked in­tru­der be­cau­se she had he­ard that he is men­tal­ly un­sta­ble.

The fa­mi­ly of the man said he has been re­cei­ving tre­at­ment for men­tal pro­blems from the Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal for mo­re than three y­e­ars.

Knys­na po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son Cap­tain T­hu­la­ni Mond­la­na con­fir­med the in­ci­dent and said, “The al­le­ga­ti­ons a­gainst the be­ha­vi­our of mem­bers who at­ten­ded the c­ri­me sce­ne are un­der in­ter­nal in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons. Any new de­ve­lop­ment will be com­mu­ni­ca­ted re­gar­ding t­his mat­ter.”

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