No pro­per ef­fort to stop la­goon lit­te­ring

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Brad­ley S­parg, Knys­na:

I am ab­so­lu­te­ly dis­gus­ted at the a­mount of rub­bish at ma­ny spots all al­ong the Knys­na la­goon.

The­re is ab­so­lu­te­ly no pro­per ef­fort by Sanparks of Knys­na to stop all lit­te­ring al­ong the la­goon – plas­tic bott­les, glass bott­les, all kinds of plas­tic, you na­me it, all t­his rub­bish can be found all al­ong our on­ce beau­ti­ful la­goon.

T­he­se pe­op­le are paid by our taxes to pro­tect and main­tain t­he­se sen­si­ti­ve ma­ri­ne a­re­as in the best pris­ti­ne con­di­ti­on as pos­si­ble.

But t­hey are to­tal­ly u­se­less. The­re is a to­tal lack of pro­per ma­na­ge­ment from Sanparks.

T­hey think all t­hey ha­ve to do is wa­ke up e­very mor­ning, put on their kha­ki u­ni­forms, look pret­ty and e­ver­y­thing is ta­ken ca­re of… Doe­sn’t work li­ke that, I’m af­raid. Top ma­na­ge­ment of Sanparks Knys­na must wa­ke up and start doing w­hat we pay them to do – to pro­tect and keep our la­goon pris­ti­ne and cle­an.

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

It is sig­hts such as t­he­se a­round the la­goon that in­fu­ri­a­te Knys­na re­si­dent Brad­ley S­parg, who bla­mes Sanparks for not doing its job.

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