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Oak­hill P­rep in­ter­me­di­a­te pha­se le­ar­ners per­for­med ex­tre­me­ly well in the re­cent SA Mat­he­ma­ti­cs C­hal­len­ge – an in­de­pen­dent as­ses­sment w­he­re que­s­ti­ons are ai­med at con­cep­tu­al kno­w­led­ge, the ap­pli­ca­ti­on of kno­w­led­ge in new si­tu­a­ti­ons, pro­blem­sol­ving, re­a­so­ning, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, and ge­ne­ral mat­he­ma­ti­cal t­hin­king.

It is im­por­tant for our stu­dents to be­co­me em­po­we­red, in­de­pen­dent, cre­a­ti­ve and cri­ti­cal thin­kers and the c­hal­len­ge al­lows them furt­her op­por­tu­ni­ty to grow in t­he­se skills.

Oak­hill is very proud of the 60 le­ar­ners who went through to the fi­nal round, and would li­ke to con­g­ra­tu­la­te the fol­lo­wing stu­dents for a­chie­ving cer­ti­fi­ca­tes:

Gold: Mark S­tur­gess and Lu­ke Ge­bhard, Ta­tum Lo­gan and Ge­or­gia Heyn­de­rickx.

Sil­ver: Max Pen­rith, T­ri­stan Tor­ran­ce and Andrew Be­viss-C­hal­li­nor, No­ah Platt and Ben Tyr­rell, I­sa­bel­la Rod­well and E­rin Fiet­ze, La­ris­sa Gold-Wa­ge­naar and Han­nah S­tun­den, Vic­to­ria Still, A­lexa Fi­o­ra­van­ti, Can­di­ce Win­ter and An­ge­li­que My­ers, Coel Trol­lip and Na­dav Bu­chal­ter, Da­niel Ar­nold and Ai­den B­rig­ht and Art­hur Sed­don.

Bron­ze: E­rin Pay­ton and Li­ly Don­nell, Ja­de Ful­ler and Ca­dy Wa­les, Dan­te King and An­tho­ny Buck, An­gus Da­vies and Ar­gen­ti­na Son­ja­ni, I­mo­gen Wil­cox-Jo­nes and Mar­li Be­zui­den­hout, Ja­e­da Booth, El­la Bar­ker and Ry­lee Ben­nett, Jack Tait and Lu­ke Star­key, Car­ter S­troe­bel and Josh Loon, Rickardt van Nie­kerk and G­reg Rod­well.

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See mo­re p­ho­tos and a vi­deo at www.knys­na­pletthe­rald.comGold win­ners Mark S­tur­gess and Lu­ke Ge­bhard, Ta­tum Lo­gan and Ge­or­gia Heyn­de­rickx.

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