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The Lo­tus Grill is not like your typ­i­cal, rugged en­sem­ble of wood and coal on which most South Africans are ac­cus­tomed to braaing their lamb chops, but if you’ve ever used a We­ber this is not too much of a culi­nary stretch. The Lo­tus Grill is portable and even when the coal in­side is hot, you can still carry it be­cause of its dou­ble­lay­ered con­struc­tion. It uses a bat­tery-op­er­ated fan which con­stantly sup­plies the char­coal with air to get them hot and keep them that way within five min­utes. The Lo­tus Grill was de­signed in Ger­many and is the re­cip­i­ent of the Red Dot De­sign award. It’s ideal for us­ing on a boat, the beach or at pic­nics. Af­ter cook­ing, it can be packed up within min­utes. Just make sure you can find the fire gel re­quired to start it.

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