So a small (but im­prac­ti­cal) plane is faster than a ve­hi­cle on a cross-coun­try jaunt. A mo­tocross bike is faster in an off-road en­vi­ron­ment than an Isuzu bakkie, but you have to load the bike on the bakkie to get it any­where fur­ther than around the block.

Leisure Wheels (South Africa) - - MAIL - Text: Danie Botha Pho­to­graphs: GG van Rooyen

I some­times won­der why peo­ple do cer­tain things. In your June 2017 is­sue there is an ar­ti­cle on the Toy­ota Hilux SRS. The very first sen­tence tells us how much you save when you buy the 2.4- in­stead of the 2.8-litre – a whop­ping R86 000! But then, you spend an even more eye­wa­ter­ing R132 794 to up­grade the 2.4. That makes just about as much sense as invit­ing your mother-in-law on a 4×4 trip! Why not buy the 2.8 in the first place? Jan van Heer­den via email Dear Mr Van Heer­den The ar­ti­cle clearly states that we in­tended to turn the 2.4GD-6 4×4 SRX into a fun-to-drive, mo­tor­sport-style ma­chine. We also stated that one doesn’t need to fit the rally-ready but ex­pen­sive Old Man Emu BP-51 sus­pen­sion, and that an en­trylevel Old Man Emu sys­tem, sell­ing at less than half the price, can also do the job. The mud ter­rain tyres are op­tional, as are the OMP in­te­rior ac­ces­sories (there are much cheaper, low­erend seats and steer­ing wheels avail­able). It was sim­ply a fun study of what is pos­si­ble with a 2.4GD-6, us­ing some high­qual­ity kit in the process. – Ed.

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