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I was read­ing Chris du Plooy’s ar­ti­cle in the June edi­tion of Leisure Wheels to “cover the ba­sics” when buy­ing a used 4×4, but think­ing to my­self that it also has to do with luck.

I bought my sec­ond Hilux in 2011; brand new 3.0D4d D/C 4×4 auto and added all the ex­tras (ex­cept a chip) and took very good care of it. I would be that guy to let the en­gine idle for a few min­utes af­ter ev­ery trip, (even to the dis­may of the pas­sen­gers), and made sure it went for a ser­vice with Toy­ota, at least 1 000km be­fore the due date.

I was also the guy that car­ried the Toy­ota flag high at ev­ery braai and ar­gued for Hilux be­ing the tough­est.

With 145 000km on the clock I was in the process of ad­ver­tis­ing it and or­der­ing my new 2.8 D 4×4 D/C for de­liv­ery at the end of the year. Last month the turbo packed up and with not much change from R26k, I had a new one fit­ted. (Ob­vi­ously three months af­ter the ex­tended war­ranty ex­pired.) The dealer could not tell me what went wrong. There­fore I have to come to the con­clu­sion that maybe some­times “stuff hap­pens” no mat­ter what pre­cau­tions you take and that maybe Hilux is not as in­de­struc­tible as Jeremy Clark­son and Top Gear made it out to be.

I am still go­ing to get a new ve­hi­cle, even with the ad­di­tional cash spent, it just opens up the choices to pos­si­bly a Ranger or a Navara...

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