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The Zippo lighter needs no in­tro­duc­tion, has a durable de­sign and even if it gets wet, there is still a chance of get­ting it to light, un­like a bu­tane lighter. In ad­di­tion, ac­cord­ing to sur­vival­com­mon­sense.com, if you re­move the fibre from the bot­tom of the Zippo and re­place it with tightly stuffed pure cot­ton, it can be used as an emer­gency fire starter if you run out of lighter fluid. To use this method: re­move some of the cot­ton and then use the flint spark wheel to ig­nite it.

Rugby fans may pre­fer a Sharks, Bulls, Storm­ers or SA Rugby-branded Zippo lighter to the reg­u­lar pol­ished or brushed chrome, but ei­ther way, this 84-year-old in­ven­tion will be more re­li­able than a reg­u­lar box of matches.

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