Weird sleep­ing op­tions

Ever thought to your­self: some­times I just want to fall asleep in a tent hang­ing off the side of a cliff? No? Nei­ther have we. But some weirdos have, and not just hang­ing off cliffs, ei­ther. They’ve come up with a hand­ful of ways to go to sleep in the mos

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A tent? That’s so last year!

AS long as our species has been on this planet, man has been look­ing for a cozy place to lay down his head for a kip. Some of our ear­li­est an­ces­tors slept un­der the stars, some slept in the long grass while some opted for caves. Un­in­hab­ited caves, prefer­ably. But for ev­ery civil­i­sa­tion, there’s al­ways that one guy who thinks a lit­tle dif­fer­ently. As Ne­an­derthal Clonk* watched his fam­ily and friends choose their sleep­ing spots, he de­cided to climb a tree and tie him­self to the trunk. “Clonk crazy,” said his friends. “Clonk climb tree. Clonk mon­key.” Oh, how they laughed. But later, as Clonk watched those same friends freeze in the rain, get bit­ten by snakes and be mauled by a bear (turns out the cave was in­hab­ited), he, fall­ing asleep in rel­a­tive safety, en­joyed the last laugh.

And so was born a group of peo­ple whose de­scen­dants (thou­sands of years later) would not be con­tent to merely throw down a four-sleeper tent and jump into a sleep­ing bag. It is not pro­tec­tion from rain, snakes or bears that fu­els these nut­ters to seek out strange ways and places to catch up on 40 winks, but rather, like Clonk, the al­lure of some­thing out of the or­di­nary.

* Not his real name

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