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This one is for all the fel­las and ladies out there who have ever had to try go to bed on the back seat of the car. No, we’re not talk­ing get­ting up to any naughty busi­ness, we’re talk­ing sleep. You know how un­com­fort­able it is back there: seat­belt hold­ers pok­ing you in the un­men­tion­ables, rolling over and end­ing up in the footwell. Well now there’s a so­lu­tion: an in­flat­able mat­tress that fits the back seat area and not only makes it bear­able, but com­fort­able, too.

Easy to carry and store, the PVC of­fers su­pe­rior strength and dura­bil­ity and is strong enough to sup­port up to 300kg. There’s a uni­ver­sal de­sign which fits more than 90% of all cars, can guar­an­tee the bed body and a per­fect space. It comes with its own elec­tric car air pump, a carry bag, two car pil­lows and a re­pair kit, just in case.


WE LIKE: Could save you money if you’re too cheap to fork out for ac­com­mo­da­tion

WE DIS­LIKE: “90% of all cars”? Our car will be one of the un­lucky ones, won’t it?

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