Bron­wyn Adir’s one-of-a-kind baked goods – Life Bake – are de­li­cious, free of al­ler­gens, and per­fect for ban­ters! They’re also en­dorsed by Tim Noakes (who loves them for break­fast …).

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Bron­wyn Adir’s grow­ing range of al­ler­gen-free bant­ing prod­ucts

‘– my main mo­ti­va­tion is still peo­ple mostly chil­dren – with al­ler­gies’

you may want to re­visit your shop­ping list, as Bron­wyn’s grain-free range, which in­cludes gra­nola, bread and toast, is quickly be­com­ing an es­sen­tial com­po­nent of the ban­ter’s pantry. The grain-free toast, she says, is hands-down her favourite prod­uct. ‘It’s very ver­sa­tile and con­ve­nient. Topped with some al­mond but­ter, it leaves you with no ex­cuse not to have a healthy break­fast.’ Her daugh­ter Daniela and son Alon en­joy it too – and, as the in­spi­ra­tion for Bron­wyn’s bak­ery, Alon’s opin­ion counts. ‘He eats the toast with sun­flower seed but­ter, and some­times with sal­mon, which he loves. My cus­tomers love it with av­o­cado or nut but­ters.’

When Alon, now six years old, was born, it soon be­came ap­par­ent that he had mul­ti­ple food al­ler­gies. ‘He has a wheat al­lergy, he’s al­ler­gic to dairy, nuts and eggs, and re­acts to all ar­ti­fi­cial ad­di­tives, preser­va­tives and col­orants. It’s se­ri­ous, a mat­ter of life-and-death.’ Hence the name, Life Bake. Frus­trated that she couldn’t find al­ler­gen-free prod­ucts in shops, Bron­wyn be­gan bak­ing her own wheat-free bread about two years ago. Her fam­ily loved it, and Bron­wyn de­cided to make it avail­able to oth­ers in the same sit­u­a­tion. So she took it to var­i­ous health stores who soon started stock­ing it. It sold well, but then Bron­wyn picked up on another gap in the mar­ket.

‘My hus­band gets asth­matic if he eats grains. I had a look at the gluten-free mar­ket, and saw that gluten-free breads had a high gly­caemic in­dex, and barely any fi­bre. So if you needed gluten-free bread, you had to eat th­ese high-gly­caemic breads which are like white bread – just with­out the gluten.’ So her next project was to make gluten-free bread with no grains, but packed full of fi­bre.

The gluten-free range is mostly seed-based, be­cause of Alon’s nut al­ler­gies. It is also com­pletely al­ler­gen-free.

This all hap­pened long be­fore the bant­ing revo­lu­tion. ‘I was do­ing it com­pletely for my son,’ says Bron­wyn. ‘I still am; my main mo­ti­va­tion is still peo­ple – mostly chil­dren – with al­ler­gies.’ But when she cot­toned on to the grow­ing pop­u­lar­ity of LCHF prod­ucts, she re­alised she had ex­actly that with her grain-free range. ‘I needed to some­how let Tim Noakes know about my prod­ucts. But I said to my hus­band, “I can’t just con­tact Tim Noakes!” I got hold of his as­sis­tant and asked if I could drop off some sam­ples. Amaz­ingly, he tried them and was blown away. Be­ing the sci­en­tist that he is, he tested his blood glu­cose lev­els be­fore and after eat­ing the grain-free toast, and found that his glu­cose lev­els re­mained lower than ever through­out the day after eat­ing the toast. Since then, he has been very sup­port­ive of Life Bake. It’s def­i­nitely been good for business!’

After start­ing out in her kitchen, Bron­wyn moved to a shared, ex­ter­nal space. Life Bake now has its own premises, which will be tested and cer­ti­fied for peo­ple with strict al­ler­gies. Life Bake prod­ucts con­tain very few in­gre­di­ents and are rich in nu­tri­ents. ‘Some peo­ple ques­tion the price of the prod­ucts, but it’s an ex­pen­sive range to pro­duce; there are no bulk­ing agents or fillers. I use top qual­ity in­gre­di­ents that are all GMO-free cer­ti­fied. I also do proper test­ing in SANAS [the South African Na­tional Ac­cred­i­ta­tion Sys­tem]-ap­proved lab­o­ra­to­ries, so the nu­tri­tional anal­y­sis and health claims on the la­bels are all ac­cu­rate.’

You can buy Life Bake all over the coun­try, and their new grain-free flavoured crack­ers will be in stores this month. With just 0.2g of carbs per cracker, they’re avail­able in Chilli, Cumin, Rose­mary and Rock Salt. We also rec­om­mend that you dig into some de­li­cious grain-free gra­nola with blue­ber­ries – it’s a sta­ple in Alon and Daniela’s school lunches, and will change your life.

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