7-Step grain elim­i­na­tion plan

If you want to avoid grains, you may find this use­ful:

LOSE IT! - - Cut It Out -

1 Start by elim­i­nat­ing all wheat prod­ucts in­clud­ing pasta, breads, cakes, pan­cakes, bis­cuits and gravy. Sweets, choco­late bars, sauces, and pro­cessed foods could also con­tain forms of flour. 2 Eat more an­i­mal pro­tein such as fish, lamb, beef, chicken, eggs, game, duck and pork. This will fill you so well that after a few days you won’t crave grain. 3 In­clude more fats such as but­ter, ghee, duck fat, lard, tal­low, co­conut oil and olive oil. Macadamia and wal­nut oils are also de­li­cious. Fat fills you with­out pil­ing on the pounds. 4 Up your vegetables, (es­pe­cially the green, leafy, ‘wa­tery’ kind). Veg­gies are rich in fi­bre and nu­tri­ents – both im­por­tant in a healthy diet. 5 Elim­i­nate all the other grains now, in­clud­ing rye, bar­ley, oats and spelt. Gluten hides in th­ese grains too. Some places you may not ex­pect grains and gluten are beer, soy sauce, and pro­cessed mashed potato. 6 Don’t fall for ‘gluten-free’ as an al­ter­na­tive to grains. There are many re­ally aw­ful gluten-free prod­ucts on the mar­ket – full of chem­i­cals, dam­aged fats, piles of sugar and other things to avoid. They’re also pro­cessed (so not ‘real food’) and high in carbs from starches or non-glute­nous grains. Healthy, slim coeliac suf­fer­ers may be fine on good gluten-free sub­sti­tutes; gluten-free fare is not for those try­ing to lose weight or man­age sugar lev­els. 7 Lastly – elim­i­nate all rice and corn prod­ucts, as well as so-called ‘healthy’ grains like quinoa and sorghum. They are safer than other grains, but you must go to­tally grain free to get the full ben­e­fit. You’ll never look back! Adding but­ter, co­conut oil and yummy lard to food will fill you faster than all that grain did, and you won’t be hun­gry for hours. If you lose weight too fast or lose too much weight, add in some sweet potato, but­ter­nut and vegetables listed on the ‘Some­times’ list, and eat more nuts. Don’t be se­duced into hav­ing grains if you can help it!

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