How can I up my ge­la­tine in­take?

LOSE IT! - - Best Idea This Month -

• MAKE YOUR OWN GE­LA­TINE, and put some in your next batch of soup, stew or casse­role.

• MIX GE­LA­TINE INTO LIQ­UIDS, such as hot drinks and sauces.

• MAKE HOME­MADE BONE BROTH. This is one of the best sources of nu­tri­tional ge­la­tine, and it also con­tains ad­di­tional min­er­als. Choose meat cuts like knuckle bones, beef mar­row, meaty rib and neck bones.

• TAKE A COL­LA­GEN OR GE­LA­TINE SUP­PLE­MENT, although it’s prefer­able to make your own.

• ADD GE­LA­TINE TO DESSERTS, such as home­made creamy panna cotta or jelly.

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