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Re­alise that it may not be ben­e­fi­cial to go to a doc­tor who doesn’t be­lieve in LCHF when try­ing this new life­style. Sev­eral GPs told me to eat carbs again. Even­tu­ally I found Dr Schoonbee and I haven’t looked back.

No one can tell you ex­actly what to eat. There is no meal plan be­cause this is not a diet – it’s a com­plete life­style change and your food in­ter­ests mat­ter. If you don’t like av­o­cado, have co­conut oil. If you can’t tol­er­ate dairy, go for milk sub­sti­tutes.

Set re­al­is­tic goals. I made the mis­take of think­ing the weight loss would con­tinue to be as fast as it was in the first six months, and when it wasn’t, I felt guilty. Re­alise that this is a jour­ney. It’s good to have a goal weight, but be care­ful about fo­cus­ing too much on the scale – mea­sur­ing your­self with a tape mea­sure is much more sat­is­fy­ing!

Un­der­stand that the crav­ing for carbs is eas­ily over­come when you ques­tion the rea­son be­hind the crav­ing. The last time I craved carbs was be­fore a fu­neral. Be­fore that, it was af­ter writ­ing an exam. I ques­tioned my­self in­stead of giv­ing in, bought some de­li­cious salami and the crav­ing was gone.

Don’t give up if you do hap­pen to give in to a crav­ing. You haven’t ru­ined all your hard work, and beat­ing your­self up about it is point­less. Just move on. Luck­ily for me, I can’t cheat be­cause my body re­sponds with a 24-hour bug.

Focus on your­self. I went a bit crazy at first – bit­ing the head off any­one who ques­tioned LCHF. Don’t be that per­son, es­pe­cially if your part­ner or chil­dren don’t fol­low your lead. It’s not about them, it’s about you.

Leave the ex­pen­sive in­gre­di­ents – like the al­mond flour and xan­than gum – on the shelves. Keep your meals as nat­u­ral as pos­si­ble and the change won’t be costly.

Make your en­vi­ron­ment safe. If you’re ad­dicted to sugar and you think it’s okay to keep treats in the house, you’re kid­ding your­self. Re­move every­thing im­me­di­ately and if fam­ily mem­bers don’t agree with you, ask them to keep their own pri­vate stash hid­den from you.

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