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Acheese­board is a great op­tion for low-carb en­ter­tain­ing, as long as you don’t have a prob­lem with dairy. Plus, the right cheeses also pack a good nu­tri­tional punch, as they con­tain both fat and pro­tein. Go for qual­ity cheeses with­out too many added flavours and choose ones that are high in fat but fairly low in carbs. It’s best to get your cheese from lo­cal ar­ti­san pro­duc­ers and farms, as they will use qual­ity in­gre­di­ents – like grass-fed dairy. Their cheese will prob­a­bly taste bet­ter too!

Have a mix­ture of hard and soft cheeses and take them out of the fridge about two hours be­fore serv­ing to im­prove their taste and tex­ture. Serve with banting crack­ers, sea­sonal berries and a gar­nish of herbs, and add olives and pick­les if you want to bal­ance the rich­ness. Nuts in their shells, such as wal­nuts, also com­ple­ment cheese well.

Don’t overdo the ad­di­tions, how­ever. It’s re­ally best to keep your cheese­board sim­ple and focus on taste, and let the cheeses speak for them­selves!


Hard cheeses: Ma­ture ched­dar, gruyère, manchego, boerenkaas with cumin, pecorino, parme­san Soft cheeses: Cream cheese, brie, camem­bert, ta­leg­gio, blue cheese/gor­gonzola/stil­ton, goat’s cheese

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