We’re of­fer­ing two plans from which you can choose. Pick the one that ap­plies to you:

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If you need more en­ergy, want to feel health­ier, sleep bet­ter, and get back ‘on form’ but don’t nec­es­sar­ily have any weight to lose this is for you. One month on this plan should yield such good re­sults you may want to re­main on it or use a vari­a­tion of it in the fu­ture.

Elim­i­nate any junk food that has crept in (the take­aways and con­ve­nience food, mi­crowave meals, and other fast food). Drink enough wa­ter, and have only one cup of caf­feine a day (prefer­ably in the morn­ing). No more fizzy drinks, and limit al­co­hol to three nights a week with four ‘dry’ days in-be­tween for your liver to re­cover. If you can cut it out al­to­gether for a month even bet­ter! It’s a very quick way to shed weight. Start cook­ing every meal at home – make it a rule that for one month at least (and there­after five out of seven days) you will cook from scratch and eat at home. Make sure your carbs aren’t dom­i­nat­ing your plate – build a meal around mostly green veg­gies and a piece of pro­tein with some healthy fat. Has wheat or grain crept back into your diet? If so, even though you don’t need to lose weight, at least dump all the gluti­nous grains: they are re­ally bad news for health and en­ergy lev­els. Check that you are eat­ing the right fats – have un­healthy seed oils crept back in? Don’t skip meals, es­pe­cially break­fast, and don’t snack be­tween meals. Eat enough at meal­times to carry you to the next meal. Have shakes re­placed proper meals? That needs to change. Make your­self a green blended drink every day from green leafy veg­gies (not a juice, a blended drink). Try 1–2 cups spinach/kale, add a few dan­de­lion leaves from the gar­den, a small green ap­ple, a hand­ful of pars­ley, a thumb-sized piece of fresh gin­ger, a sprin­kle of cin­na­mon, ½ a cu­cum­ber and 2 stalks of cel­ery. Pop it all in a blender and drink it to start your day – half an hour be­fore break­fast. Are you liv­ing more in LOSE IT!’s Some­times list of what you can and can’t eat than in the Yes list? (See page 80 for more de­tails.) Shift more of your food choices to items from the Yes list dur­ing this time.


Fol­low this if you want to lose weight – the other ben­e­fits will fol­low. You want to fol­low all the health-re­set guide­lines but it’s go­ing to take more than this to drop the weight. Th­ese tips will help you to shift back into fat-burn­ing mode in­stead of a fat-stor­ing one:

Work out a proper meal plan us­ing LOSE IT!’s Yes and Some­times lists of what you can eat (see page 80 for more de­tails), pri­ori­tis­ing Yes items. Stick the plan on your fridge and shop ac­cord­ingly – don’t buy food that will trip you up. Eat only when you’re hun­gry, and not more than three times a day, with no sec­onds and no pud­dings. Don’t snack. Don’t de­prive your­self by try­ing in­ter­mit­tent fast­ing if it doesn’t work for you. Try to give your­self a five-hour win­dow be­tween meals. Have just a small sweet potato once a week and no white pota­toes or rice. Drink enough wa­ter and drop all the fizzy drinks. Get rid of all treats and for­bid­den food in the pantry, in the fridge, in your desk drawer and so on. Drop the choco­late for a month. Yes – all of it. No more al­co­hol for one month. Just do it. No more lat­tes, cap­puc­ci­nos or milk. Have black cof­fee or use co­conut milk. For­get bul­let­proof cof­fees, they con­tain too much fat. No more dairy apart from real but­ter. Dairy is one of the most pro­foundly fat-build­ing types of food for many peo­ple, es­pe­cially women. Milk is full of lac­tose – a form of milk sugar. Make sure you are not eat­ing hid­den sug­ars – by eat­ing only real food you’ll be fine. Hid­den carbs can creep in if you get slack. Dump ex­cess nuts and seeds for a month. Stick with very small amounts or none at all. No more nut or seed breads, cakes, or treats this month. Has fruit re­turned to your diet in a big way? If so, drop it for a month. Are you con­sti­pated? This is of­ten an un­recog­nised cause of slug­gish weight loss. Use psyl­lium husks, pro­bi­otics and plenty of wa­ter to keep things mov­ing. Don’t overeat fat. Eat healthy fats but don’t go look­ing for more. You want your body to burn the fat it has in stor­age.

Both plans are for ONE month, dur­ing which time you will need to keep a strict food diary to­gether with a ‘How am I do­ing?’ sec­tion. Mon­i­tor your food in­take, sleep, weight, mood, and any other ar­eas you are look­ing to im­prove. If you feel re­ally good and want to con­tinue a plan past the one month mark then carry right on. From your daily jour­nal you will see a pat­tern emerge, which will help you as­sess your progress.

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